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Rules For the Human Parts 1-9

Author's note: been uploading this series to Reddit, but decided to dump all I have so far to Tumblr


Part 1

After the many shenanigans of the Human I, the Captain, am forced to put rules in place exclusively because of him. These rules may not be altered by him, and he is not allowed to ask others to alter it for him. in fact, only I may edit this document, but I will take requests for rules to add and remove.

1: No snacks while doing routine maintenance on the ship's turrets. I do not want to hear "The guns are jammed by jam" again when we're in the middle of a fight.

2: Just because a species looks cuddly, does not mean they wish to be cuddled. At the very least ask, you idiotic [EXPLETIVE WITH NO TRANSLATION] stain.

3: Just because you're allowed to wear casual clothes on laundry day, does not give you the right to walk around in a "fursuit"

a. Or in a "mankini"

b. That's it, we're buying you a second uniform!

4: When on a planet under quarantine, no distributing fliers advertising "Quarantine Free Fridays" encouraging inhabitants to leave their homes. all fines, bail, and lawyer fees will be coming out of your wages.

5: The distress beacon is for emergencies only, using it to "broadcast earth's sickest beats into deep space" is not a valid reason.

a. Nor is it for you to broadcast poetry readings in a bad Russian accent

b. Or German

c. I have revoked your access to the distress beacon.

6: No more barbequing bacon on the warp drive. If you want to get radiation poisoning that's your choice but I do not need to deal with problems caused by grease during FTL because you're hungry.

7: First contact with a race is not the time to show them our superior weaponry.

a. Unless they welcome us with hostility first, then we're letting you charge at them with nothing but underwear and a butter knife


8: For every Homestuck reference you make, I will dock 10% of your pay.

a. Or Dr Who.

b. Or My Little Pony.

c. Or Star Wars

d. Or Star Trek

e. Or this very rule list

f. For the love of all that is good please no more Jojo's references around other humans.

9: In the rare cases I allow you to pilot the ship, I will wrestle control back from you the moment you refer to it as "like an arcade game".

10: In the event of time travel backwards in the process of FTL (not helped by the grease on the warp drive from your bacon), we are to follow none interference guidelines to prevent damage to the timeline until we can find find a wormhole back to where we came from, not "spoil movies for the nerds".

This list may be expanded later but for now, I think it'll work. Please human, don't force me to add more rules.

Part 2

That didn't take long. I now have more rules I needed to add specifically for the human. I hope I do not need to make a third update.

11: Stop uploading my captains logs and announcements to reddit!

a. Tumblr is also out of the question.

b. 4chan too.

c. Just stop uploading these documents on the internet. period.

12: Should not replace the propellant gel in Frazxly's XC-54 class plasma rifle rounds with any of the following: hair gel, cake, icing, jam, soap, or that as of yet unidentifiable slippery liquid.

13: Must not get prank ideas from the "The Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation" list.

a. Or jackass

b. Actually you know what, especially not jackass!

14: Yes we understand you have all the licensing and documentation to fly the ship through asteroid fields, but do you really think I'd trust YOU of all people to do it?

a. Especially when you plug an MP3 player into the ship's intercom system and scream "you ready to rock?" before you do it?

b. letting me "choose the soundtrack" does not make more confident... HEY I DIDN'T SAY TAKE AWAY THE MP3, you ready to rock?

15: Every time you say "do a barrel roll" I will do everything in my power to not move the ship, even if it means crashing.

16: Taco Tuesday is now added to the schedule on popular request

a. Your little campaign worked, well played

b. I mean it worked on me too, I was one of the people who voted in favour of Taco Tuesday, but still, well played.

17: The emergency alarm is not the right time to play music and have a rave, even if the ship's lights are flashing red.

a. Where do you even keep those glowsticks human?

18: If the human asks you to pull his finger, do not. Especially not in enclosed spaces presently difficult to escape from.

a. seriously, gross

19: When you pilot the ship into battle, you are not allowed to play the soviet national anthem

a. or the MLP:FIM opening

b. or Giorno's Theme

c. You are, however, allowed to play danger zone at a reasonable noise level, but only because it'd be cruel to not allow a human to do that.

20: You must not refer to orbital strikes as the "Orbital Friendship Cannon"

a. referring to planetary destruction as "Exterminatus" is also poor form.

b. "Glassing" is also insensitive to the dead.

Part 3

The human continues to be a problem on the ship and as such I am forced to make even more rules.

21: You just got flying privileges back, don't squander it by flying into battle out of formation blasting Fortunate Son again.

22: A steam-roller is not a weapon.

a. Is that a Jojo's reference?

b. Yes it worked, but the compensation we needed to pay the construction company for the steamroller you stole is coming out of your wages.

23: Yes Dartyxji do look a lot like dragons and breathe fire, But that does not make them "perfect props for Dungeons and Dragons"

a. On the note of DnD, I'm revoking your Dungeon Master privileges.

24: "Poggers" and "Pogchamp" was stale before it was even a thing, and now that it's literally several hundreds of years since it was a thing, It's not only stale but moldy and stinking up the place. stop.

a. Playing "Coffin dance" perfectly timed to when the ship explodes when we shoot their warp drive, however, is fair game.

b. If it isn't perfectly timed though, you're on toilet cleaning duty for a month.

25: Yes we're on a ship. Yes we have assigned tasks. Yes we call each other crewmates. No that does not imply someone is the imposter.

a. This is also an old as hell meme, stop before I call you sus and eject you personally.

b. Seriously, I'm a literal alien and I have fresher memes than you!

26: The Darckxzu are a race that happen to favour black clothes, that does not make them edge lords or scene.

a. Even if the males wear black eyeliner

b. Fine I see your point. Spiked collars is where I draw the line.

27: You are no longer allowed to interact with newly formed AIs.

a. Seriously, what were you thinking?

28: When a planet is glassed, It's very disrespectful to hold out a marshmallow on a stick while putting on sunglasses.

a. Yes I know it toasts them perfectly, and I can't argue with that, but still.

b. If you do decide to do this anyway though, at least hand out smores.

29: "For Narnia" is no longer an acceptable battle cry

30: You're a human, you require 8 hours of sleep for every 24 hours. As creepy as seeing humans sleep is, none of the crew want to see a sleep deprived gremlin with black rings around their eyes taking energy drinks like shots. Sleep dammit.

Part 4

I can't be bothered to keep typing up introductions. Damn you human, you have broken me.

31: If I hear the opening notes of the Jackass theme while you're piloting the ship I will personally revoke your flying privileges again and wrestle control from you in the time it takes for the song to start playing again.

a. You plus that music can't possibly end well.

32: While the human is second in command, if his orders sound questionable, you have permission to come to me to have the orders overruled.

a. Emphasis on the questionable, despite what these rule lists would have you believe, he's not a complete idiot

b. That being said, if he orders you to pull his finger, consider it a direct order from me for you to snap it in half like a fortune cookie.

33: Food is for eating. You are no longer allowed to initiate food-fights or do whatever monstrosity you committed in the rec-room.

a. you will be the one to clean that up, you know that right?

34: If there is a shenanigan, there is a rule against it.

35: If there is no rule for a shenanigan, then it will be made when you discover it.

36: If the human needs to ask, he's not allowed to do it

a. If he's not allowed to do it, strap into your seats folks!

b. I sell reinforced straps for this contingency if anyone's interested. They're selling well on the ship.

37: No pets allowed

a. "Fluffy" crewmembers do not count

b. Consenting or otherwise

38: The dress is blue and black and the audio says Laurel, FIGHT ME.

39: You are not allowed to distribute fake rule lists

a. I thought this was an obvious one.

b. If I catch you doing this again I will cover a planet in fake wanted posters with your face then abandon you there

40: For every rule you make me add in future, it's a day each of toilet cleaning duty, dishwashing duty, and Xrfraxja scrubbing duty (enjoy those slimy scales that shed weekly, releasing a mucus that's a deadly neurotoxin to humans) for a total of 3 days.

a. That last one will definitely take the full day, again, enjoy.

Part 5

Please stop...

41: You are not allowed to tell newly discovered intelligent species to download Raid Shadow Legends. It doesn't give the crew, the federation, your species, or you a good look.

a. It's not even a good game

42: You are now required to wash your towel every week or I swear I will suggest the Earth is in the way of an ideal FTL path so it gets destroyed.

a. Why do you carry that thing with you everywhere?

43: Stop trying to make me read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I already know all I need to know, I don't need a guide.

a. Also, is any guide you follow even that good?

44: pick your clothes up off the floor.

45: Also, clean up after yourself when you're done in the kitchen. even the cleaning bots are complaining and threatening to unionise.

46: The airlock is not a toilet.

a. or a bin

b. or a place to nap. seriously what is wrong with you?

47: Yes, Highway To Hell is a good song for flying into battle with. no that does not mean you need to play it on full volume over not only the intercom, but comms as well. It's really not professional.

48: When charging into battle, "Leeroy Jenkins" is no longer an acceptable battle cry.

49: T-posing is no longer allowed.

50: Yes, spooning is allowed when the ship's heating is down to help preserve heat. No that doesn't mean you get to say "You come here often?" at any point during the spooning. It just makes things awkward for everyone

a. In fact, no pickup lines during spooning, at all.

b. Consenting or otherwise.

Part 6

stop. im begging you

51: No longer allowed to urinate on objects to assert dominance

a. Or sentient or sapient species

b. Or non sentient or sapient species

c. No bacteria do not count

d. For gods sake man just don't piss on people it's not hard!

52: No longer allowed to open fire on anything to assert dominance

53: No longer allowed to T-pose to assert dominance

54: No longer allowed to yell to assert dominance

55: No longer allowed to start bar fights on diplomatic missions. I swear to god I will personally ensure you do not get diplomatic immunity for the next mission if you do it again

a. While you didn't start a bar fight, I'm still not going to get you diplomatic immunity again after that last stunt.

56: "Birthday suit is still a suit" was funny once, when it was just on the ship among the crew and it was your birthday. It wasn't funny, however, when we were on a diplomatic mission

a: And for the crew reading this, no that was not the stunt from the last rule. What the hell was the human thinking?

57: "Nuke it from orbit" isn't the answer

a. Ok I stand corrected

b. Still, it's an answer we reserve for very rare and severe circumstances.

58: Yes you are allowed to flirt with locals when off duty, but you find a motel if you plan to proceed beyond that.

a. How do you always find the loudest species?

59: No longer allowed to refer to crash landings as "fun landings"

a. Or landing shortcuts

b. Or "fun for the ladies" (gross)

c. Or "vomit club initiation"

60: No longer allowed to dress up as historical dictators including, but definitely not limited to: Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, or Mussolini

a. Especially not in public

Part 7

no more...

61: No longer allowed to tape a knife to a roomba, and attach an ID card with access to every room on the ship

a. Of course it's funny when only you're aware and have anti Stabby counter measures

b. Ok fine we can use this technique for pissing off enemies, but stop using it on the crew.

62: Must give me the recipe for those cookies you made

a. You put what in them?

b. No longer allowed to give food to the crew without disclosing the recipe!

63: No longer allowed to alter the settings of the artificial gravity without my permission

a. Yes floating around is fun, and exercising in high gravity environments is a good way to "get ripped" but still, the crew struggles to work when their gravity can change at a whim

64: Diplomatic immunity does not give you the right to park the ship in the middle of a road

a. Ok it does, but still it's just not a good look

b. I did not mean park it on the roof of a brothel!

65: No longer to intentionally engage the quaternary thrusters when flying past a gathering of people, those things are loud and can cause severe hearing damage.

a. While you did break this rule, I will make an exception, those discriminatory bastards had it coming.

66: No longer allowed to respond to SOS beacons by screaming "free loot"

a. Yes it is common for the entire crew to be dead, and the law doesn't prohibit looting the ships with dead crews but still.

67: Not allowed to make zombie sounds when investigating ships with dead crews under disease lockdown protocol X9-451-B, Xraxclka nearly had a heart attack in 13 of his 20 hearts, an had actual heart attacks in 5 of them!

68: Wearing a fursuit during peace negotiations can't end well

a. I stand corrected

69: The warp drive is not a tanning bed!

a. Are you trying to get radiation poisoning?

70: Fine, you can have a pet, but you must be the one to look after it

a. You can't make crew your pets!

b. consenting or otherwise!

c. you are no longer allowed a pet!

Part 8

This is getting old. Please stop.

71: No longer allowed to refer to kinetic bombardment as "giving the planet my rod"

a. No longer allowed to refer to kinetic bombardment as giving the planet anyone's rod

72: no longer allowed to rip off the " The Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation" list

a. Not allowed to rip off the "The 213 Things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the Army" list

b. I thought I wouldn't have to specify both. Why did I need to specify both?

73: Stop having staring contests with anyone who is Drytafkxyi, they don't even have eyelids to blink!

a. Also, humans look extremely creepy with red eyes where you can see the blood vessels. I hope to never need to see that again, refer to rule 30.

74: We have a full 5 years worth of emergency supplies on the ship for in the event we are stranded on a planet or in space. Keeping books on how to properly cook the meat of every species on the ship, while technically preparation, is just unnecessarily causing discomfort.

a. Also, we all as a crew decided you're going first, no hard feelings.

b. Yes it was a close vote between you and the cryflarxcva, no I won't do the vote again.

c. Also, as much as I hate to admit it... detailed and highly researched guides on preparation of your former fellow crew are a part of said emergency supplies... Though kept at the very bottom.

75: Must no longer show me "cool websites on the internet". The human internet is messed up... I've shed my eyes 30 times and the images I saw are still burned into them

76: No longer allowed to use a remix of George Carlin's "Greatest Cheer Ever" with Get Lucky by daft punk as battle music.

a. I have nothing against it, it's just that there's much better music to, as you would say, "blow shit up to".

77: No longer allowed caffeine.

a. Not only is it fatally toxic to every species on the ship except for you, but you nearly destroyed the ship flying straight through enemy fire. I'm surprised we didn't get hit once

78: No longer allowed to ask me to change the artificial gravity settings. I was weak...

a. yes it was fun, but the date you brought on the ship throwing up due to motion sickness ruined the moment

79: If you say "not it" when we're deciding who to make do an unpleasant task, I will do everything in my power to insure you are in fact it.

80: When people are jumping out of ships due to an emergency, it is unacceptable to "score the splat" by holding up scores.

a. If you encourage bets for this again I will put you right in front of the ship and FTL right into you. score that splat.

Part 9

Why are you like this?

81: No longer allowed to use the replicators to produce drugs you do not have a prescription for

a. No longer allowed to use the replicators to produce drugs

b. That was a bad idea. how did you think that was a good idea?

82: Please stop inverting the flight controls.

a. Please stop changing the flight controls.

83: Orbital drop protocol is to put on your "drop armour" and thrust pack, not to "put on protection and prepare to thrust".

84: Yes it is tradition in Federation ships that when it is decided we need to do an orbital drop the second in command is to run through the ship banging on walls and doors screaming "orbital drop" repeatedly to alert everyone to get ready. no that doesn't mean you get to scream out the other procedures.

85: drop armour does not need parachutes, in fact, it goes against it's purpose to get you down to the planet's surface from space faster than anything can reasonably shoot you down without any major damage being done to your body. There are shock absorbers built into the armour already.

86: No longer allowed to use the replicators to without supervision

a. You know what you did

b. Gradfaxclakaras no longer counts as supervision. I need to start writing a rules list for him too now, see what you did?.

87: No longer allowed to show anyone of the Darfarik species any scary movies.

a. You know how easily they get scared

b. Now one of our best negotiators can't sleep and has nightmares whenever they can

88: I just learned of something humans did called a mutiny. if you so much as consider it I will yeet you out the airlock

89: Due to your position, the federation will cover the cost of any augmentations you choose to get within reason, and in fact encourage it. Please get augmented in some way, my superiors are breathing down my neck.

a. I know it technically counts but I was hoping for something more impressive than adding an arsenal of low grade energy, laser, and plasma weapons to your genitalia. why do you need a plasma sword down there? let alone a plasma rifle!

b. So today I was just proven those augmentations were in fact useful when you escaped capture by the terfgakja. I wish to un-see it but I do stand corrected.

90: "Green is not a creative colour" is not a creative joke.

#humans are space orcs

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I don't know if you've paid any attention to this but do you know the official ages of the main characters? You've always paid attention to little details so i feel like you'd be the right person to ask this to.

Hi anon! ❤️ I’m SO SO sorry this took so long!

I appreciate you thinking of me for this - I have in fact paid attention to this 😂 I know about the general age of some characters, and I know within a year of others (depending on when their birthday is they may have aged up already!)

Bobby - 54. He says in the pilot that he’s 50 years old, and so you figure he’s at least 54 by now, if not 55 if his birthday was between January (when the pilot aired) and now!

Athena - mid 50s. In Athena Begins, I feel like it’s safe to assume she’s around 22 or 23, since she’s in law school but not close to finishing (and I really don’t think she took a gap year), and that was 1989, so she was *probably* born around 1966-67. Which would put her around 54-55 right now, which fits with how old Bobby is!

Hen - 41. She says in Future Tense that she joined med school at 40 (if she’s not rounding for dramatics). Since she got into med school last year in the s3 finale, I’d say 41 now. If she did just say 40 bc it was easy, I’d still say she’s between 39-42 now, bc she’d have to be close in age to 40 to round so automatically like that imo. But at this point I’m going with a simple 41.

Chim - Late 30s to early, early 40s. Chim is one of the two I really don’t have a good idea on. Chimney Begins is set in 2005, and he’s at least 21, since we see him drinking beer in that episode. So he was born sometime before 1984, which would make him 36 right now if he was exactly 21 then, but I think he’s a little older than that, since he’s been working in the bar for a while before the fire. I can’t remember any other details that would give him a more specific age, so if someone does and can provide them I would love to add them! Personally I’d say 39-40, bc I think he’s a little older than Maddie but not by much. I can say however that he has a March birthday! EDIT - thanks to the wonderful @shannon-diaz who remembered that we see Chim’s birthday on his license in 2x10 (you can see the pic provided in the notes!) HOWEVER! I want to make a disclaimer (which I would like to emphasize is not me trying to argue against the lovely Ann at all, she’s absolutely right about this, I just wanna say this) - they have already been changing Chim’s birthday since then, since the license says 10/20/1977 and they’ve since moved his birthday to March. So it’s absolutely possible that they’ve decided to change his age as well. BUT! At the point this was shown, they’d already committed to Madney becoming a thing, so it’s likely they thought about how old Maddie and Chim were in relation to one another. What I don’t know is if they thought about Maddie’s age before then, or if they put it off until they had to during the Daniel arc. All of this is to say - right now, as of end of s4, the best info we have says Chim is 44. But I could also absolutely see the writers pulling a switcharoo on the poor props crew and changing his age, since they’ve already discarded the birth date. So I say, go forth and know that Chim is 44! But also please don’t get mad at me if that information changes in the future 😂

Buck - 29. During the entire Buck Begins arc, they say multiple times that the family has been hiding a secret from him for 29 years, etc etc. In the Valentine’s Day ep in s1, Abby says Buck is 26. And in Kids Today (the opener to s3) Maddie specifically mentions he’s 28. So I’m most sure about Buck, out of everyone, esp since Oliver himself is 29. I think he’s the character where they’re sticking closest to the actor’s actual age.

Maddie - around 37. We know Maddie was 9 when Daniel died (Chim says she made the promise to not talk about Daniel when she was 9). Since Daniel died a little over a year after Buck was born, that puts Maddie around 8 at the time Buck was born, making her 37 to Buck’s 29 as of right now. Also, in ep 4 of s4, her mom mentions her being a “high risk pregnancy” since she’s over 35, but specifically does not say she’s over 40. So 37 or 38 for her. (Side note - Maddie is older than Daniel by between 1.5 to 2 years, since she says Daniel died when he was 7.) like I said, I’m most positive about Buck’s age but Maddie’s is a close second.

Eddie - early 30s? I also have no idea about him. My personal best guess would be 33, since that’s how old Ryan Guzman is now, and they’ve never in my recollection said anything to indicate a different age for him! (Same thing here as goes for Chim - if anyone can remember something let me know!) Note - I’ve been thinking on this a while and I actually feel pretty good about 31-33. We know Chris was born in 2011, so he’s turning 10 sometime soon, and that would make Eddie somewhere between 21-23 when he was born, which I feel fits with a timeline of him taking time to work with his dad after high school, and then joining the army, doing basic, and getting deployed all in time to get leave for Christopher’s birth.

And there’s all 7 mains! I’m going to link this in a bullet point in the next character details post, so if anyone wants to add information for Chim or Eddie (preferably with an episode number and/or scene so that I can verify it), I’ll edit this post and give you credit, so that way when I link this post, people will be able to see it all in one place, and the edits w credit will be in the tag for everyone to see!

Also all of these ages are as of right now, end of s4. If you want to write future fic or fic for a past season you’ll want to add or subtract years accordingly!

Thanks for the question, anon - putting together the “age puzzle” is like my favorite kind of challenge!


#b discusses character details#911 fox#asked and answered#anon answer time#bobby nash#athena grant#hen wilson#chimney han#maddie buckley#evan buckley#eddie diaz#I’m p sure there isn’t anything else to add to Chim or eddie#and honestly w any of them#I wouldn’t put it past the show to suddenly change their ages to be whatever the writers need#so I’m gonna clarify#THESE ARE THEIR AGES AS FAR AS I KNOW AS OF RN JUNE 5 2021#if they change them in the future I’m sorry I was just going off the info I had right here right now#anyways lots of love!

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Fic: Fixated

A/N: I can’t explain how I am feeling, so I am going to let fic do it instead. This is entirely written without edits, without a read through.  Overworked!Scott

Edit: Okay I did a read through. Remaining mistakes are mine


Virgil is the first to notice. Maybe because he’s Virgil, and possibly because he’s the only one who can call Scott his immediate older brother, so there’s something in their closeness in age, having navigated childhood together almost as equals, that sets his Scott-sense apart from that of his younger siblings.

When Scott was thirteen and Virgil was eleven, Scott was in the eighth grade and had to write a research report on the Wright Brothers, the pioneers of modern aviation. And that was all well and good, because Scott was going to start training for his pilot’s license right when he turned sixteen. The report became not just a chronicle of the historical figures’ lives, but also of flight, of the first airplane itself and the prototypes before it, of physics, and aerodynamics. He researched in a way he never had before because it was a subject he was passionate about.

He obsessed.

Like John but different.

John absorbed the search for knowledge into the fiber of his being, his fingertips always itching to take a deeper dive through archives when he heard a word he didn’t know or a concept he couldn’t explain fully. Research was as much a part of John as music was for Virgil, or swimming was for Gordon. It was a companion he could always revisit later, and so like all of them with hobbies that mattered, John knew how to catalog  and save for a better time, and turn the itch aside when he needed to. He knew when to stop.

Scott didn’t. Scott defined the turn of phrase “down the rabbit hole.” Alice caught and enraptured by the not yet known or understood.

When he cared, he obsessed.  

That project got finished with an A+, but resulted in anxious shaking that didn’t alleviate until a few days after the grades came back. Scott had lost weight, skipped his extra curriculars, and Virgil hadn’t seen him for two whole weeks while he worked. The younger ones likely didn’t remember.

But Virgil did. And he knew the signs. Forgetting to eat, falling asleep at his computer or on his books, waking up earlier than normal to get a head start to whatever imaginary goals he created for himself that day.

So, the day Virgil notices, it’s because Scott missed lunch. Grandma had made hot wings, which was one of his favorites, so the smell of char in the air would’ve been enough to set his stomach rumbling. With Scott absent when he definitely shouldn’t be, Virgil decides to make him a plate, six hot wings with ranch on the side, and some celery.

He finds Scott at their father’s his work desk, his fingers flying over the keyboard, intently scanning the files behind the screen.

“Hey, I brought you lunch.”

No answer.

Virgil steps closer to the desk, sure that once Scott catches him in his periphery, he’d acknowledge his presence. But Scott doesn’t appear to have a periphery when he’s focused like that.

“Scott?” There’s a little room on the desk, so he nudges a few papers to the side and slides the plate down. “Scooter?” He looks tense. He can see knots forming, so he drops a hand on Scott’s shoulder, and –


Scott nearly jumps out of his skin, his hands fly up, catching the side of the plate which clatters, sending ranch and hot sauce all over the floor. Even MAX scurries away with a low beep at the sudden sound, and Virgil flinched in a sudden panic when the dish slipped through his fingers.

“Sorry, sorry! I just meant to help.” Virgil is already kneeling on the floor, trying to pick up what he can with his hands, knowing he needs a wet rag. Maybe a mop.

The little cup that held the ranch slid a ways. Gross.

“Ah. Thanks, Virg,” Scott says. And he means it, Virgil knows that. But he can also see the gears in Scott’s head still working, still thinking about whatever he had been focused on, not quite fully present. “Umm. Do you have this? I’m under a deadline.” He looks at his watch. “Ugh. A rough one. I’d help if I could.”

“No, I got this! Sorry, Scott.” He picks up the dirty hot wings, placing them on a plate for their compost pile. “Is there anything else I can get you instead? These were the last of them.”

But Scott doesn’t answer. He’s already back to his computer.


Gordon is next.

He may not have the same Scott-sense as Virgil, may not have picked up on it as quickly, but he and Scott both share early morning routines, meeting in the kitchen at 5:00, Scott dressed in a tank and his running shorts, Gordon in his swimsuit, a towel around his shoulders. Coffee is too heavy to start the day, but Scott usually would begin the brew for when they returned (and in case Virgil woke up) while Gordon filled their respective water bottles. Whoever finished first chose the energy boost of choice – sometimes just a snack bar, sometimes a shake. On weekends, it might be oatmeal or toast.

Out by the pool by 5:15. Stretching was important.

Scott began his run. Gordon began his laps. They went about their day. Rinse, repeat.

Occasionally a rescue might come in and affect their sleep cycle just a bit, but Scott and Gordon were both military. If they weren’t rising before the sun, it was too late and they lost half their day already.

So Gordon is next, because Scott doesn’t meet him in the kitchen. He’s not sure he knows how to make smoothies for one – hasn’t in a long time – so he proportions his ingredients for two, fills a second cup for Scott when he wakes, and sticks it in the refrigerator so it will stay cold.

He pushes himself during his exercise. He was long past chasing times, but he still raced himself. Seconds could save a life, and so he exercised for speed, for longevity sometimes. For survival.

It’s a longevity day, so he’s abandons speed for energy conservation, which makes it a long morning.

His muscles are tired and sore when he returns to the kitchen and opens the fridge for a drink to boost his electrolytes. He is not in the mood for coffee today, but sees the pot is half full, so someone is up. But it’s not Scott.

Because the smoothie is still in the fridge, untouched.

He tells himself he needs to check in on Scott once he finishes his research down at the dock today. He’s been tracking a pod of dolphins near Mateo and has been needing to collect the latest data captured by his little research vessel.

He’ll catch him later. Figure out what’s going on.


Then it’s Alan.

Alan admires Scott, has been practically raised by him since Dad disappeared. Scott is everything Alan wants to be… just the John version of him. Take Scott’s courage and bravery, John’s love of space, you get Alan. Eyes on the horizon, but looking beyond it into stratosphere, exosphere, the space between stars itself.

He’s a hell of a pilot. He knows that. He wouldn’t be the pilot of Thunderbird Three otherwise. But a part of him will always seek the approval of his older siblings. He wants to make Scott proud.

Scott hasn’t had the time for him lately. He’s been working on… oh he doesn’t know. They don’t tell him. Something for Tracy Industries.

His final quarter grades have come out, and he aced all his classes.  It had been a hard semester and juggling his courses between rescues had been tough. He’d needed to call on his brothers’ expertise a few times.

He knows Scott has his file somewhere in his email, but he likely hasn’t gotten to it yet because he hasn’t said anything to him. It’s been a few days. So Alan pulls up his grades on his datapad and strolls past the center of the lounge over to Scott.

The first time he says Scott’s name, he doesn’t answer.

Nor the second.

The thirdfourthfifth time, because that’s how he called for him, the name running together like that, Scott irritably gives him a low grumble of “What do you want, Alan?” He doesn’t glance up, and the smile falters from Alan’s face.

“Oh, I, uh—” This was silly. It’s not important, really. Scott will get to it eventually.  “My grades came through. When you get a chance.”

He grumbles in response. “I’ll look later,” he says. “I need to…”

But he trails off, back to his computer, and Alan still doesn’t know what project stole his brother away.


John’s the last.

He’s called to check in. He’s definitely connected, but....

Scott is slumped at his desk, and John’s calls are not working.


No answer. The figure at the desk doesn’t budge. So John opens a channel to the rest of his brothers, his feet already sending him toward the space elevator as he calls out. “I can’t wake Scott!”

#overworked!Scott#Gavii Scribit#thunderbirds fanfiction#Scott Tracy#Virgil Tracy#Gordon Tracy#Alan Tracy#John Tracy#Tracy Family#thunderangst mabe#sorry if this is crap

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headcanons for the tma ladies bc i care for them

gertrude robinson

- ace lesbian or aromantic lesbian

- while she and agnes technically only ever met once irl, they met each other almost every night in their dreams

- gerry never called her mum, but he did occasionally refer to her as aunt. she did everything in her power not to let this have an impact on her.

- she experimented heavily with psychedelics in university

- she would check up on agnes through her eye powers frequently

- she was on track to become a professional ballerina but she was pressured by her parents into pursuing academia instead

sasha james

- she had a ton of siblings and grew up in a very happy home

- raging bisexual

- she loved pitbulls

- she had a strict no-hookups policy in the workplace that motivated her to distance herself from tim after their one night stand

- that policy went out the window some time after the head archivist position went to jon instead of her

- adhd

basira hussain

- she has a sister she rarely talks to, but following the apocalypse, they got really close

- lesbian

- she adopted sasha’s pitbull after learning about her death

- she and daisy have never actually discussed their relationship. they just kept hanging out and the meaning of the term “partners” slowly evolved from co-workers to best friends to lovers

- she has a pilots license

- she’s never eaten ice cream

melanie king

- she was going to ask sasha out at some point but never got the chance bc of the not-them

- autistic

- she’s a huge etymology and linguistics nerd

- melanie was never a big fan of cuddling before she met georgie, but now she’s a little spoon for life. georgie makes her feel safe and secure when they cuddle rather than smothered.

- she first learned to read braille when she was eleven because of a fascination with helen keller

- she matches her glasses to her hair color (she and georgie switch it up roughly once a week)

alice “daisy” tonner

- she’s severely allergic to most tree nuts

- she started saying “i love you” to basira after escaping the buried. before, the sentiment was expressed through the phrase “i’ve got your back.”

- she’s really good at archery

- she’s 5’11”/180cm

- when basira first joined the force, daisy used to make a point of looking away whenever she took off her hijab in the women’s locker room at the precinct. when basira asked her about it, daisy informed her that she was a lesbian and didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable or disrespected around her.

- she has a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm

georgie barker

- she used to be jealous of helen for the same reason martin was jealous of oliver banks

- she is obsessed with cryptids

- she’s had multiple late releases on episodes for what the ghost because she procrastinated editing to watch love island

- she and jon broke up after their first and only time having sex because he described the experience as “meh” afterwards, which led to a explosive and sobbing fight. he approached her several months after the fact and told her that he’d figured out that she wasn’t sexually inadequate, he was just ace. they now laugh about it.

- she knew melanie was the one when the admiral took to liking her right away.

- she’s never shied away from flirting and/or hyping up melanie when she brings her on what the ghost. their listeners shipped them HEAVILY before they got together

#tma#gertrude robinson#sasha james#basira hussain#melanie king#daisy tonner#georgie barker#the magnus archives#daisira#timsasha#what the girlfriends#agnes x gertrude

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Gotham station 860 AM has been hijacked by three notorious voices. But, no one is telling them NOT to talk about life in Gotham City.

Featured in this episode are:

Spence as Harley [] V as Ivy Lauren as Selena []

This episode was written, edited, and produced by Spence of Resonant Moon Audiobook Solutions. The script was inspired by @nonasuch​ on Tumblr.

Music in this episode is Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

Gotham Girls Talk is a fan cast based on characters from the DC universe. We do not own these characters, but we love them very much and hope you do too. You can pose a question to our hosts via email at or leave us a voicemail at 978-432-9679.

This podcast is created under a creative commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International license. You can share it and download it, just don’t change it or sell it.

#podcast#fancast#dc universe#creative commons#Gothamgirlstalk

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Under My Skin: Chapter 2

Tumblr media

Series Masterlist

Words = 4.3k

Chapter warnings = swearing, bad words, let me know if I missed anything!

Summary = Despite the explosive argument that resulted on your last mission with Poe, Leia decides another is in order

A/N = I made up the planet that they go to, as far as I’m aware it doesn’t exist in the Star Wars canon, but when I wrote the first draft I had no wifi to research a planet and then I couldn’t be bothered to change it. Also I know nothing about flying, nor about physics, I have based this on my (limited) experience of driving and therefore taken a lot of artistic license - I am sure what I have made these characters do is not actually possible. 

Edit = Cross posted to AO3

Chapter 1


Poe Dameron was irritating on a normal day. A grounded Poe Dameron was worse. Like a caged fathier with no outlet for his excessive levels of energy it felt like he was pacing the length of the base multiple times a day, making it almost impossible to avoid him.

Not that that stopped you from trying. To complicate matters, you were doing your best to not think about him at all. So far, it was going well. You hadn’t even talked to him since the debrief, making a special effort to not even look at him when he was in the same room as you.

The debrief had taken place a couple of days after you’d shouted at Dameron, and had been unbelievably awkward. Leia and General Holden had been polite, running through any spare details of information gathered in the compound, what type of books there were, what they were about, what languages they’d been in.

After you’d talked, it was Dameron’s turn, answering questions about the objects in their cases, what planets they were from, how old they were, if they formed a collection. It felt like it went on forever, finally making it onto questions about your shooter, was it the suspected owner, how many droids appeared, was the security system as expected?

You were sure Dameron would be sneering at you, so you avoided looking at him, and didn’t dare directly address him. Keeping your hands clasped in your lap had helped prevent visible shaking.

Saying as little as possible, you’d escaped at the first opportunity, ignoring how Poe stood up, and desperately pretending that you couldn’t hear how he immediately started to talk, more animated than he’d been the entire time you’d been there.  

Both of you had been in trouble; Dameron for hiding his injuries, and you for shouting at him. And while he’d been the one officially grounded, it was of little comfort, knowing that it was no doubt due to him failing his physical. And now Dameron had been able to defend himself and probably slag you off in the same sentence while you had left, feeling like a child sent to their room.  

But unable to fly it felt like he was all over base, just where and when you didn’t want him to be.

Like now. You were working on a mission report with a bar of chocolate to keep you going, lying nearly horizontal on a couch. Background music was playing in your headphones and your datapad was open with a number of tabs and the mission report was there, right in front of you, half written - and yet your eyes kept flicking over to Dameron sat by the center table.

You weren’t sure he’d seen you when he walked in, hidden as you were behind the shelves in the corner. You liked this nook, it always made you feel protected and the idea of Dameron finding this corner and no doubt ruining your sense of security vaguely irritated you. Looking through the gaps you could see his legs resting on the chair opposite him, and if you sat up a bit, you saw that his back was to you, facing the door, his shoulders tight.

Ignoring him, you tried to get back to work, and you would never have admitted it, but the noises as he worked was...nice enough, in it’s own way. Little growls of frustration that you could barely hear over your music, the occasional sentence read aloud, BB-8’s reassuring little beeps. They made you feel less alone.

Finally, finally, you finished. Dameron didn’t look like he was any closer to getting up and leaving, and you took your time shutting down your pad. You’d have to pass him. It had to be done, you wanted to have a shower and go to bed, but...still.

You intended on ignoring him, but it felt excessive to leave without even a - “Goodnight, Dameron.” It was short as you passed and you resisted the weird urges inside of you that wanted to insult him and make sure he was ok at the same time.

He didn’t say anything at first, and you exhaled heavily in relief, and...something else which you didn’t want to unpack.

Until he said your name. Your first name.

You stopped walking, jaw clicking in annoyance as your back tensed. “I’m sorry.” His voice floated from out behind you, strong but quiet. You looked at the door in front of you. It was probably about 4 steps away - you couldn’t have walked a little faster?

“In the medbay, what I said… it was out of order. It was too harsh and I’m sorry.” He paused and you still didn’t move, frozen to the spot. “I didn’t mean it. Any of it, sweetheart. I-” he paused again and changed his mind. “I’m sorry.”

Finally you turned around, a strange trembling rising from your stomach to your chest. Your eyes narrowed, mouth turning up in distaste.

“You’re sorry?” you spat, taking care not to look at his face. “You were only too happy to badmouth me to Leia and General Holden afterwards though!” You took a step backwards, conscious of how far the door was. Your eyes rose from the floor to his face, ignoring the slight signs of tiredness around his eyes, the first time you’d looked directly at him since the medbay.

Shaking your head, you glanced away, the reminder sending hot embarrassment through you, still.

Dameron’s head has dropped into his hands and he’s pulling slightly at his curls. Your breath quickens in annoyance as you start talking again. “Whatever, I-” The slamming of his hands on the table interrupts what you’d been about to say. His hands are clenched into fists, knuckles white, and the look on his face scares you.

“You don’t have a clue! You’re determined to think badly of me aren’t you?”

For the first time, words escape you. Dameron walks towards you, quick paced and you back away until you reach the wall. There’s something poking into the small of your back, but the physical discomfort is less than the discomfort you feel radiating off Dameron.

He’s close to you now, close enough that you can smell him, a deep rich smell, one that smells like a man, and why do you like it? His hands are clenching and unclenching at his sides, like he wants to reach forwards and shake you.

You match his glare, finally finding your words, “I’m determined to think of you based on your actions, Commander.” He stiffens at the use of his title, but you continue. “I know you’re a better pilot than I am, but you need to learn not to look down on people who are a lower rank than you!”

Dameron’s mouth opens...and then shuts without comment. As you continue glaring at him, you realise this is the first time he’s been speechless around you. And it’s now, his body so close he’s nearly pressing you into the wall and what the hell is poking you? You can feel your heart beating quickly and you hope he doesn’t notice it in your neck.

“Well, maybe I do, but you need to learn not to judge others. Not everything’s as simple as it seems!” He’s not shouting anymore, but his voice still feels dangerous.

Whatever. You don’t want to be a part of this anymore. You push roughly past him, hitting his shoulder as you do and mumbling a “Fuck off” under your breath as you finally make your escape.


No sooner had you rejected Poe’s apology than you wished you had accepted. It had been an automatic reaction, snapping back at him in your hurt. You’d never been close to Poe, the snub he’d given you when you met preventing you from ever seeing him in a favourable light.

And Poe’s apology was causing an annoying thought to run through your mind. One you had absolutely no business thinking about, and you didn’t know what had brought it about.

But still. What had you missed out on by not being Poe’s friend?

The answer was, of course, absolutely nothing.

Especially now.

It would no longer be enough to bicker like siblings with a rivalry. Regret made you clench your jaw and your heart around Poe Dameron, a physical remainder of the damage you’d done.

This was a new feeling. This was proper anger, real hurt. It was unfamiliar and you weren’t quite sure what to do with it.

You didn’t walk around the base unless you had too now, preferring the isolation of your room to the fear that would shoot through you every time you saw someone with curly hair.

Instead, you found people came to you. Rose was a frequent visitor and you were always happy to see her, even if she didn’t quite understand your reluctance to leave. Members of your squadron came to catch you up on what you missed and after a couple of days you began to think maybe you were being ridiculous. Would it really be so bad if you saw him again?

The decision was taken out of your hands when Kare knocked on your door. She was holding her helmet, with her orange flight suit zipped up. She had a pretty bad case of helmet hair, blonde strands flopping into her face contrasting brilliantly with her brown skin. Dameron stood behind her, determinedly not looking into your room, looking slightly at odds in a normal shirt.  

Great. You couldn’t even avoid him by not going anywhere.

“Hi!” she started, pausing, “Are you alright?”

You hum gently at her, tiredness scratching at your eyes, despite the amount of sleeping you’ve been doing. “What’s going on? Where are you off to?”

“I just got back from a recon mission,” she tells you, and sleep is still pulling at you. “General Organa asked me to tell both of you that she wants to see you for a briefing tomorrow.”

You look again at Poe, as he nods stiffly.

“Is that everything?” He’s not even looking at Kare, and you shoot her a questioning glance.

“It’s at 8 in her office,” Kare says, shaking her head, silently telling you not now. You bit back an irrational laugh as Dameron nods again, leaving as fast as he can. “You’ve pissed him off!”

You’ve not managed to shut the door as she says this, and you shush her desperately as the two of you dissolve into giggles. “So it’s true?” Kare’s taken Rose’s usual seat at your desk, spinning round with the soles of her feet scraping on the floor. “You shouted at him?”

You sigh. That.

“I - yes. He did something stupid,” you tell her and she lets out a chuckle.

“When doesn’t he?” And maybe it’s something about her expression, and the contrast with her dry tone, but it makes you laugh again as she continues, “Don’t worry, everyone thinks he deserved it.”

“Really?” you ask, surprised. “They do?”

She nods, “Yeah. You’ll have to work with him on this mission though.” She’s picking up objects on your desk, and haphazardly returning them to the wrong place. You huff a little at the idea but change the topic.


Walking into Leia’s office the next day, you immediately rolled your eyes when you saw Dameron pulling a face as he made eye contact with you.

“Ok this stops right now.” Leia’s voice is sharp and to the point as she glares at the two of you. “This is ridiculous. The two of you are on the same side, fighting the same fight and you can’t even be in the same room?”

“With all due respect General, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend,” you say, not looking away from Dameron. He looks better than usual, wearing a black t-shirt that somehow makes his hair look darker, his arms stronger, his face fresher.

Leia huffs, and gestures to the seat next to Dameron which you take ungraciously, as she continues. “Perhaps not, but you are on the same side. I would like to ask for at least civility towards each other.” Dameron’s wearing tac gear, you realise, scanning up and down his body. Knee pads blend into the black of his trousers, which are tucked into a hefty pair of boots. Your eyes keep catching on the smoothness of his jaw and throat, he must have just had a shave. “Shake hands.”

Your mouth drops open, finally looking away. “What?!” Both of you speak at the same time. You look back at him to see him smiling gently at you. You frown, but stick your hand out, breaching the gap.


You’re acting annoyed, but there’s a thrumming excitement rising again in you. A mission is a mission, even if it means working with someone you don’t really want to.

You ignore the very small part of you that does want to be friends with him.

Dameron’s hand is warm when it grasps yours, strong in his conviction, and there’s something unreadable in face as he replies. “Truce.”

Leia smiles at you when you turn back to face her, and you have to squash down your own, wanting to remain annoyed at Dameron. Clicking a button on her desk, she starts playing a hologram. It’s a video replay of a number of ships - 2 distinctly First Order TIE fighters, and 3 Resistance X-wings. The TIE fighters are moving in a way you’ve never seen before, unprecedented skill allowing them to miss Resistance shots that should have been hits.

Leia allows the video to play a number of times before waving her hand to freeze the image. You can only gape at her, not quite sure what she wants you and Poe to do about it. Dameron’s hands are already twitching in your peripheral vision, like he’s imagining how he would manipulate the controls to achieve the same effect.

“This was supposed to be a simple recon mission, which was not supposed to have any engagement,” Leia starts, “but the First Order showed up, and our pilots decided to shoot first, but couldn’t make a hit. I want the two of you to work out how they managed to do this. And I’ve arranged for the two of you to practice on Greplimin, which is a largely empty planet two parsecs from here.” Sighing, she leaned on the desk, giving Dameron the holo stick. “Can I trust you not to kill each other?”

Dameron leaves as fast as he can, muttering something about finding BB-8, but you hang back, waiting by the door to ask Leia something.

“Why have you asked me?” You still feel too vulnerable when you look at her, and in the back of your mind you wonder if you’ll ever get over this.

Leia only raises an eyebrow, asking you to elaborate.

“I’m not the best pilot.” You start desperately. “I know I’m not. I would never tell him-,” you throw your arm at the door, “-that, but it’s true. I’m not the best person to ask and if you want someone who gets on with Dameron, I don’t - why, why did you choose me?”

Leia sits down and you stand there, feeling weirdly lanky.

“You’re right.” How is she so confident? “You’re not the best pilot. But you have an unconventional way of flying and the First Order didn’t manage to pull that stunt by being conventional.”

“Figure it out, Lieutenant,” she dismisses you, attention already on some papers on her desk.


Dameron had begun to make dinner by the time you’d finished setting up the tent. You’d grumbled under your breath as you worked to construct the two camp beds, sure that the Resistance could afford two tents. Outside, Dameron’s quiet conversation with BB-8 was muffled, indistinct words floating to you under the chirping sounds of the birds and insects.

Even in your grumpy mood as you’d flown out, you could appreciate the beauty of Greplimin. Green had stretched out as far as you could see, circling until you’d found a good place to make camp. A large clearing surrounded by trees, a lake not too far of a walk for water, which was now set alight with the glow of the three suns as they began to set.

The food, cooked by Dameron over an open fire, was nice enough, but something had risen to the back of your throat, making it hard to swallow. You don’t talk much, saying the bare minimum in order to resist snapping at Dameron unnecessarily. As much as you don’t want to admit it, Leia is right - you are on the same side of the war. Conversation is stilted and unnatural, so you take the cowards way out, feigning tiredness to escape.

But that doesn’t mean Dameron has any business being as attractive as he is on this mission. It’s as though ever since your argument in the common room, his attractiveness has increased dramatically and you hate it.  

By the next morning, a slight stubble had started to grow, darkening his jaw and making your heart beat a little faster as the two of you eat in silence, lit by the glow of the sun rise. Out of annoyance, you told yourself, after all, it’s unprofessional to have stubble. And anyway, who can grow facial hair that fast? From the look of him yesterday, he’d freshly shaved.

And he’d started to look at you differently too. You’re just not sure what the difference is.

The next day is spent flying. Both you and Dameron are a little rusty, having both been grounded for a month now. You have to focus on breathing calmly when you first sit back in the cockpit, the image of Poe near to collapse in the seat behind you sending you back to your last mission. You have to turn around to convince yourself that he’s sat in the other X-wing.

Turning on your comm link, the two of you run through pre-flight checks together, methodical and reassuring, before running through the normal exercises, switching between who is acting as First Order and who is Resistance.

It’s nice. Comforting, even, the familiar routines you could do in your sleep, muscle memory taking over when your brain stumbles.

And even though neither you or Poe say a whole lot, it’s a nice safety net, knowing that there’s someone on the other end of the line. It’s the odd little phrases that he uses, praising you or himself, with the occasional swear word or whoop of delight thrown in. He’s playing music, because of course he is, but you can only catch the odd bar, not enough to recognise any songs.  

Not for the first time, you recognise the intimacy of comm’s, how talking directly to the other’s ears feels...more personal, somehow. So you bite back any quick replies you think of, pushing down any breathless laughter at his comments.

You love flying too. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of floating in the sky, taking turns at a ridiculous pace, and feeling adrenaline burn you up on the inside.

The usual exercises end up taking over the whole day, you and Dameron blasting them until they’re perfect. Briefly you wonder if this is what it would be like to be in Black Squadron, perfection expected rather than a nice added bonus. He doesn’t seem surprised though, when you manage them. You frown, you’d expected some kind of taunt about how you’d done better than he’d thought...but the comms were silent to your expectations, just the odd, respectful, “Well done.”

On the third day, you give the First Order’s new moves a go. Neither you nor Dameron are quite brave enough to fully twist the way they did, and you’re not sure what his worry is, but the idea of overheating your engine mid-flight is enough to stop you.

Lunch is spent with the two of you eating together and poring over the video, stopping and starting it at different moments to talk over the best ways to fall out of the spin. Having a goal, a problem to solve makes conversation flow much easier and you’re grateful for it. It’s something else to concentrate on and you can ignore sparks of irritation as he scratches his stubble, the noise swooping low in your chest.

After lunch, Dameron acts as First Order, and it’s a surprise when his voice crackles through the comm links.

“I’m going for it.”

He’s determined, and you know there’s not much you can say to stop him, especially because you’re out here to solve this, but you still yelp out a “What!”

“If I can get enough height I reckon I could do it.” Comes the reply and you can only sigh and watch as Dameron’s ship starts to climb. Switching gears, you start to follow, circling round to imitate how the Resistance would catch up.

Poe starts to twirl as he descends, copying the way the First Order pilots had gained speed and unpredictability, and you struggle to hold your ship steady in his airstream.

He starts to spin faster and faster, cutting his engine and throwing the X-wing to the left. You’re miles behind now, having been unable to reach the same speed and you can only listen to his steady swearing as he struggles to start the engines back up again.

As he reaches closer to the tree line you start shouting. “Deploy! Deploy now!” Desperation laces your voice, “Poe deploy your parachute NOW!”

And he does.

A plume of fabric billows out from the back of his X-wing, slowing him down enough that you can see the exact moment when Poe restarts the engines. It doesn’t last for long though, and all Poe can do is control his landing, skidding through the trees.

You careen after him, bruising your landing and scrambling to get out of the cockpit to go and help clear the door to get Poe out. “Are you alright?” You ask, looking into his eyes to check for signs of a concussion. He was wearing his helmet, but that was a rough landing.

And his eyes are a really pretty shade of brown, swoons a voice inside of you, which you try and squash with a few choice swear words. Now is definitely not the time. There is never a good time for noticing Dameron’s eyes.

Poe seems alright though, accepting your hand of help to jump out. “I never knew you cared, sweetheart” he grins, and then groans. “Could do with some water though.”

So you help him back to your campsite, giving him a glass and sitting next to him in silence. Except, for the second time that day, it’s comfortable.

“The spinning was good,” you offer after a moment.

You’re not looking at him, the water glimmering as a distraction. He only hmphs in return.

“It was!” And are you trying to convince Poe Dameron of all people that he did a good job? You take a quick glance at him out of the corner of your eye.

He’s looking in the same direction as you and you note that the colour has returned to his cheeks again.

“You got good speed up,” you continue, “faster than I could and we just need to figure out how to cool our engines down - especially when we’re in hyperspace.”

“I want to know how they didn’t crash into each other.” You look at him again, his voice thoughtful. “There’s just so little control, once you cut the engine after spinning like that, you’re subject to airflow but they knew where the other would be.”

“Do you think it’s possible they’re better than us?” If you hadn’t watched Poe talk, you’d have thought you hallucinated.

Grinning, you shove your shoulder against his. “Better than you and me? You’re having a laugh.”

“Yeah that’s not it.”

There’s not much to say after that, the occasional huff of laughter bubbling out.


You do eventually have to go back to the X-wings, both of which need patching up. The hull of yours is damaged where you hit some trees when landing, while Poe has to start with packing up his chute before even thinking about the wiring and his engines.

Once you’ve done all you can for yours, you clamber into Poe’s cockpit. Thankfully he doesn't notice at first, allowing you a moment to compose yourself. His sleeves are rolled up, exposing his forearms as he grips together some wiring. BB-8 is sat in the pilot's chair, beeping some instructions at him.

Meanwhile there’s a tool sticking out of his mouth, and something about that is insanely sexy, but you clear your throat before your mind can go anywhere. Poe looks up and oh maker this man is going to destroy me.

You scowl at him as you speak, as though scowling can undo your traitorous thoughts. “Do you need a hand?” Poe looks like he’s going to say no, but then something sparks out, hitting his hand, and he drops the wires, mouthing a swear in pain, although he keeps his teeth clenched around the screwdriver.

Oh shit. Oh shit, shit, shitshitshitshit.

You can’t look away from his mouth and you need to reset, to go back to square one, base level, because your heart has stopped in your chest and you know what this means. Instead you whack Poe over the head as you push your way into his space, stepping over the wires on the floor.

“Do you want my help or not?” you ask again, and maker you’re rude. Your parents would be disappointed. But Poe looks surprised that you’re offering again.

His eyes meet yours when he replies, steady and unwavering. “Yeah that would be nice.” The tension gradually dissipates as the two of you work together, rewiring and melding your way through the underneath of the control panel.

You do your best to ignore the touches, telling yourself that it’s inevitable in such a small space as your hands brush together as you lean over him, or how close he is when he peers over your shoulder to instruct you which piece to hold while he adjusts them back to their proper place.


Thanks for reading! Reblogs and comments mean the world to me 🥰🥰🥰

Chapter 1<----->Chapter 3

Tag list:

@lady-sigyn​ @foxilayde​ Want to be added? Shoot me an ask!

#poe dameron x reader#poe x reader#Star Wars#poe dameron#fanfic#Star Wars fanfic#poe fanfic#poe dameron fanfic#if I missed any warnings/triggers pls let me know!

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8 songs - 8 people

I was tagged by the lovely @gingerteaonthetardis !!

1. favorite song at the moment: My faves are always changing but a favorite I’ve been listening to recently is Redecorate by twenty one pilots!

2. a song you associate with your favorite ship: I actually don’t have a whole lot of Ninerose songs believe it or not, but I DO have Bagginshield songs and one of them is Poet by Bastille.

3. a song that could be about you: Criminal by Britney Spears. Just gonna leave it there.

4. a song you think is overrated: Idk, I mean there’s a lot of popular songs that get overplayed?? I suppose drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo??? But I mean, I’m not mad at it, it slaps in edit audios, it’s just not anywhere near the saddest most ascended song I’ve ever heard.

5. a song that reminds you of a good memory: Nothing I can think of is incredibly powerful, but U Got That by Halogen reminds me of FaceTiming a friend and jamming out to it while I did my makeup, lmao.

6. the last song you listened to: Misty Mountains from The Hobbit came up on shuffle… gotta appreciate those deep notes!!

7. a song that makes you laugh: I frequently enjoy listening to Low Key by Ally Brooke and thinking of You Can Guess Who… it’s silly but it makes me giggle, and half my friends are in on it.😂

8. a song that you want your mutuals to listen to: I don’t CARE if you haven’t watched Moulin Rouge, don’t understand the context, or never even want to watch it - go listen to El Tango De Roxanne from the soundtrack right now and scream dramatically out your window at the end bit!!!

tagging eight people: (as always no pressure) @lordoftherazzles @black-rosegold @toadstoolillustrations @chilldude1958 @holycalf @killerbeestan @gxlden-switchblade @thelandbeforeinsanity

#this was fun I love music!!!!#tag game

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Hi, Imogen! I just finished reading your fic The Devil You Know and I... don't even know where to start. I devoured the chapters and reading your story prompted me to finally join the invite queue for AO3 so I can bookmark TDYK and leave comments. I've been reading fanfiction for more than a decade and rarely do I have the patience for a slow-burn like this but FUCK is your story worth it. Did you begin writing TDYK with a fully-thought-out arc? How instinctive is your character realization?

I was wondering how planned out TDYK was before you started writing it? Like you refer to chapter 7 as the end of act one; what is an "act" to you? I'm not at all familiar with the proper structure of a storytelling and seeing that there are obviously markers of events for you just made me wonder how "off the cuff" your writing is v. how premeditated it is? Do you have an outlining process? What bits are the hardest and easiest to write

hello !! again, thank you thank you thank you 🖤 i'm very flattered my silly little fanfic has motivated you to join ao3 and send me this ask !! i will try to answer as coherently as i can, this ask has prompted me to actually evaluate my 'process' ... mostly writing is something I Just Do, although my ambivalence is questionable bc creative writing is what i studied at uni 😅 but whatever here we go !!

when i first started writing TDYK it was essentially just with the first chapter mapped out, treating it like a pilot. from there on, while there's never a point a > b arc, i do have key moments in mind - it's just a question of where/when/why/how those moments feel natural and make sense for the characters. since the fic is solely from laurie's POV, the exploration of what (or who) she has agency over (including herself) is the foundation, as powerless as she is in the circumstance - she's the driving factor to pretty much everything... i'm much less keen on plot-driven narratives than character-driven narratives, because often with plot priority i feel characters will just suddenly be thrown into a certain development. and with TDYK the plot IS essentially laurie's and michael's relationship, so the stepping stones that lead to the progression of their relationship really do have to have a solid psychological / emotional reality, especially since horror and romance are the most emotive genres. .. each chapter is somewhat episodic in what motifs come into play, which is why i compulsively find applicable songs, usually i use those themes as some form of guidance throughout so everything doesn't feel completely disjointed and implausible.

90% of how laurie and michael change is instinctive! before i started writing TDYK i had been well into cultivating and honing my interpretation of halloween.... which is a whole other post but ... yeah! if a passage or action feels glaringly wrong, which is ?? fairly rare, then i'll heavily edit / rewrite... i think because as i previously said - priority is characters - the general 'sense' of them is easy to grasp for me. the biggest hurdle tbh is ensuring that if a licensed character from a pre-established canon is written that i keep some form of faithfulness to their original source material.

i think??? i hopefully covered the 'pre-plannedness' (or lack thereof) of TDYK previously! i really just considered the first seven chapters an act because it felt as much, which for me was laurie reaching this breaking point that had such irrevocable consequences (or benefits ig lmao *is promptly shot six times*). the markers themselves just kind of exist as 'eventually this will happen' but again, it depends on what transpires / develops in between those markers, which can sometimes change the original idea. eg. in chapter 4 laurie was actually going to put up xmas decorations, but i couldn't see her doing that until she'd gotten comfortable with michael's presence in haddonfield too, even if that behaviour from her would have been a desperate attempt to replicate her home. i didn't write her doing this then delete it, it was just an idea i was almost certain i would include before starting the chapter but then reconsidered, especially with her needing to feel safe before anything else - planting the knives around.

my outlining process is less pre-meditated than it is post-meditated lmao .. i will write scenes as and when they hatch (and i don't mean not writing until the 'inspiration strikes' - i think this is the most harmful mindset u can trick yourself into believing in any creative hobby) but as i'm finishing one scene, then the next one manifests more organically. if things feel a little too clunky then i'll integrate some kind of transition line / passage. the hardest part is usually starting each chapter. sometimes they can be an easy continuation of the previous chapter's events, usually what happens in a trial, but lately laurie is becoming less concerned with addressing the ramifications of these events until she has no choice but to ... because she's otherwise distracted 🙄🙄 honestly a lot of it can be difficult / challenging, especially in the first draft, whereas editing is a lot easier bc you have to force yourself into an objective mindset and recognise what's worth condensing or extrapolating on or restructuring. writing is easiest for me when i find the perfect song to act as an emotional basis for the characters in that moment .... 💆🏻‍♀️ where i am just a channel able to project the good word of mylaurie 👁🎇

#wall of text abound ..#i hope this all makes sense ... the tldr of it all is i just go with the vibe ..#this was fun answering tho!! rly had to interrogate myself in a way i don't usually pay attention to ..

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Just my thoughts from Gavin's Sky date and Journey Date

From the time when Gavin gave his pilot badge to the one he loved the most:

They sat down on the the green grass as the sea of flowers sent them waves of floral fragrance. She rubs her nose involuntarily because of the pollens and in the next second, he drapes his coat over her as his familiar scent envelopes her.

"Here, wear this."

"It's really just a tickle in my nose..."

"That's no excuse."

Gavin held her tight in his arms, lowered his head and leaned close to her ear. The hair on his forehead and his warm breath gently brushed her eyelid.

"Because of you, I won't lose my way. No matter how far I may fly, I will always return safely..."

"Someone once told me this. Giving my aviator badge to the one I love most will allow me to leave my soul on the ground, so that I can fly and return safely. Now I'm giving it to you." He added softly but firmly after a pause.

A gentle breeze caressed her face as her heart skipped a beat from his words. Everything seemed to freeze at the very moment, and the only thing she could feel was his broad and warm chest.

- From Gavin's Journey Date


He'll never lose his way when he's flying and he'll always be safe. And every time he flies, the image of the girl comes to his mind. -Her. He had to be safe for her.

He also chose a path that kept her with him. With overwhelming emotions flickering in his eyes.

And she realized that she has the courage to prepare herself for life twist, turns and uncertainties when she's with him.

And Gavin gives his aviation badge to MC as a token of his love🥰 Please tell me if I'm wrong, don't know much about the double seventh.

Tumblr media

Until she learns to fly on her own, and finally bringing him with her:

When I turn my head again, I realise that Gavin’s looking at me with some astonishment in his eyes. After staring at him for a few seconds, he averts his gaze. As though something occurred to him, he laughs to himself. But I can instantly guess what he’s thinking.

"You never thought that I’d actually fly a plane with you, did you?"

"Mm, it’s made me look at you in a different light. Before, I thought you were mostly kidding when you said you wanted to learn this."


"Gavin, you don’t feel afraid sitting on my plane?"

"I’m not afraid. I trust you."

Gavin chuckles, answering without the slightest hesitance.

He trusts me.


Staring ahead, the plane slowly lifts its head. In my peripheral vision, I see Gavin’s gaze lingering on the side of my face. I can’t help but turn to face him, but he simply shakes his head, his hand on the joystick. The corners of his lips are curled upwards, almost touching the sky.

Well, not really - we’re indeed “touching the sky”.

I suddenly recall the first time my instructor took me flying. Back then, many thoughts were flitting across my mind. There were so, so many, and I wanted to share each one of them with Gavin.

Now, I finally have an opportunity.

Without waiting for me to finish, Gavin reaches out to cover the back of my hand. As though proving something, he repeats himself.

"I can understand the feeling of being able to do whatever you please."

I grip his hand, the emotions surging mildly in my heart different from all the times I took strolls with him on the clouds.

- Sky date CN: Translated by @cheri-translates

~ At first he's the one who always invites to fly with her everyday. Now she's the one who invites him anytime since she got her pilot license. And can also fly with him anywhere, whenever they want.

And at the part where he held the joystick, lowering the plane just above the water level. Reminds me of the event where Gavin takes her hand and lower themselves in the water level and looked like they're walking in the water. I forgot what's the name of that event.


And those two had each other's back🤧 And I love how MC and Gavin interacts. AND I CAN ALSO TELL THAT THERE ARE HEARTS IN THEIR EYES WHENEVER THEY SEE EACH OTHER.

Tumblr media


Gavin: I'll take to you flying today.


MC: All right, I’ll take you flying today!

Tumblr media

And also that part in the sky date where Gavin turns jelly is really cute lol.🥺🥴🥰


Me: Not only this couple has an unbreakable trust and bond, they also can also read each other's thoughts.

Also me while writing this: I'm sure when she gets her aviator badge, she'll give it to Gavin too.🥺 Like what her did in the Journey Date.🥺🤧 Time will come.😌



EDITED - Might edit this again later.



#mlqc#mlqc gavin#mlqc haku#mr love#mr love queens choice#mr love queen's choice gavin

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So I saw your picrew of your oc Kalei and realized they looked similar to my oc Panda, so if you tell me about Kalei I'll tell you about Panda. (This was not supposed to sound that threatening, I genuinely found this funny.) Picrews for comparison:


Tumblr media


Tumblr media

[Also edit that is more accurate to their appearance]

Tumblr media

Oh that’s epic!!!

Kalei is a star elf who can jump between timelines/alternate universes, which means she can technically live forever as long as there’s a universe where she’s alive. that’s not very important but it’s a Fun Fact.

anyway, she’s very assertive and takes no shit, and she will jokingly flirt with basically anyone (mostly her friends tbh). she won’t hesitate to call her friends out on being idiots, and walks into her best friend’s house at random hours to raid his kitchen because she knows he keeps her favorite snack (canned peaches) around for that specific reason. she’s kinda aggressively optimistic but can also be overdramatic about stuff. she used to be a representative of her city on an intergalactic government and ran away with Quinn (the best friend) when it fell apart. she and Quinn are both gay as fuck so she calls him sexy and often they’ll sit in his bed in their underpants and eat ice cream out of the bucket with plastic sporks and watch romcoms and horror movies (people generally assume, based on their personalities, that Kalei likes the romcoms better, but really Quinn is more romantic and Kalei is constantly trying to scare him with the horror movies). her favorite color is blue because Quinn is always wearing blue turtleneck sweaters and she takes comfort in the consistency of that. she Hates shopping lists because she always forgets what paper she started writing on and ends up with like seven different lists. she has a pilot’s license and nobody knows why. people tell her to wear kneepads around the house because she’s constantly whacking her knees on furniture. Double Dare by waterparks is an album that captures her vibes really well, particularly the song Gloom Boys.

Tell me about Panda!!!! :)

#finleys incoherent answers#hi phoenix#finleys ocs#kalei skope#(yes her name is basically kaleidoscope sue me)#(it was intentional)

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Hello friends! Just wanted to consolidate all my work in one place. I’ll be updating this and will keep it pinned to my page.


a map to the beginning: Michael hears that something happened to Alex overseas and fears the worst, aka the one where I imagine what happened before the pilot.

a song for Alex: Michael writes a song for Alex after hearing Would You Come Home, aka the one where I rewrote *the song* to be from Michael’s perspective.

Fourteen: Alex meets Michael at fourteen instead of seventeen, and their love story takes off from there, aka the one where I just let two kids fall in love and be happy without tragedy.

The break up song series: Malex stories based on break up songs. Usually happy endings, because crying is no fun.

drivers license: Alex gets his driver’s license but has nowhere to go.

champagne problems: Alex says no to Michael’s proposal.

ocean avenue: After 10 years, Alex is back in Roswell for good. All he can think about is the music and the boy he left behind. 

Tumblr prompts: In which awesome people send me prompts and I somehow choose the angstiest interpretation. Sorry...

why do the stars glow above (don’t they know it’s the end of the world?): Michael sees Alex unexpectedly for the first time since he left for training.

your voice was the soundtrack of my summer: Michael is ready to leave the planet. Alex doesn’t want him to go.

faking sleep to count your breath: After Max tells Liz about aliens, Michael realizes he needs to tell Alex too.

lightning crashes: When Alex shows up at Michael’s Airstream the night of the lightning storm, nothing goes according to plan.


Stay the night: cover of Would You Come Home by Tyler Blackburn with rewritten lyrics from Michael’s POV.


Malex chibis

Malex chibis, angel/devil edition

Malex chibis, argument edition

Malex in watercolor (Not kids anymore, That’s why you stayed?, Forgot about everything except you)

Seen it before. Hate how it ends.

Malex, Studio Ghibli style

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Nuts to This (Llewyn Davis x Reader)


(okay so it’s been a hot minute, and this is actually NOT the other Llewyn story i’ve been working on (still), but i saw a prompt about something similar and my brain said write it and i did. whoop.)

Word Count: 1176(ish)

Summary: Llewyn was just minding his own business. You only planned on feeding the squirrels.

Warnings: A couple naughty words. Possible innuendo. Autumn fluff. Probably not very good and like mostly edited but no promises.

Tumblr media

It was late afternoon on a Saturday in early October, when it wasn’t very warm outside but the weather hadn’t yet ventured into bone-weary chill, and Llewyn Davis was sitting on the edge of the fountain in Washington Square Park watching the afternoon sun slowly creep its way down towards the horizon and turn the sky various shades of crimson and carrot and all the colors in between.

He was mostly minding his own business. There was another folksinger on the other side of the water, plucking strings and singing a tune that was actually quite lovely, not that Llewyn was totally listening. But it wasn’t bad. There was a small crowd gathered around the man, with a few more people joining in here and there.

Llewyn briefly considered that he could be the one playing for the people, the one with a gaggle of admirers gathering around and whispering their appreciation of the song he was playing and tossing tips into the open guitar case at his feet.

Briefly, until he thought that a street hustle - or a park hustle, god, especially a park hustle - was just the kind of desperate, amateur move he was trying his damndest to avoid.

Briefly, until he noted with a slightly sour smirk that his guitar was currently being held hostage in Jim and Jean’s apartment, and he was going to have to go a few rounds with Jean’s verbal daggers just to be able to retrieve it.

Briefly, until he heard a loud voice yelling to break it up and get out of here. He turned and saw the small crowd shuffling off as a cop walked up to the singer and turned back around and tuned it all out again when the argument about needing permits to play and not being allowed to sit here and perform for the public started.

It was the same old shit, honestly, and Llewyn didn’t have time for it.

He sighed as he watched the kaleidoscope of autumn hues swirl across the dimming light of day. He knew he had a lot of time, actually. A lot of time to do jack squat today because there were no sessions, no gigs, no get-togethers, not even the usually weirdo academic shindig at the Gorfeins.

Nothing to do except sit here and watch a sunset and listen to authority be assholes and ponder what the hell he was actually doing with life the universe and everything and why the hell Joy had thrown out his goddamn pilot’s license of all things and where the fuck was he going to sleep tonight because he really doubted Jean was going to let him have the couch and ---


Something very hard and very sharp bounced directly off the side of Llewyn’s head and had the unmitigated gall to drop down his neck and into his jacket collar.

“What the fuck!” he half-yelped, half-mumbled as his gaze moved quickly around the park, trying to figure out what the hell it was and who the hell had done it.

“Oh my gosh!” a voice called out, sounding appropriately contrite, he thought. “I’m so sorry!”

Llewyn followed the sound and looked a few feet to his right. You were sitting cross-legged on the ground, a knit cap with a pom-pom on your head and a messenger bag slung across your middle, and he could see your hands were full of...something.

“What was that?” he asked in annoyance, his hand rubbing the spot on his head where the offending object had made impact.

“An acorn!” came your quick reply.


“I’m sorry, I was feeding the squirrels, and that one just got away from me and I wasn’t aiming at you and yeah I think it’s time I get going,” your words came out in a rush and you were sure your face got a thousand times hotter than the sun. You got to your feet and adjusted your bag.

For the next few seconds, the two of you just stared at each other, appraising and inspecting.

Llewyn regarded you as quirky, unexpected, and...cute? Definitely the first two, and if he was being honest with himself (which even he would admit was not his strong suit) also definitely the third, although he wasn’t quite sure if it was cute like “oh you did something whimsical that’s adorable” or, you know, cute. He chose to temporarily ignore that thought.

You regarded him as annoyed and slightly injured because oh my god you had just lobbed an acorn at him. All of that was true. But also a surprise as the mass of dark curls on his head and the deep yet sparkling brown of his eyes was not something you were expecting to enter your orbit today. You chose to temporarily ignore that thought.

Llewyn lifted an eyebrow. “You were...feeding squirrels.”

You stopped and turned back to him. “They’re totally capable of gathering their own acorns but sometimes I just like to sit out here and watch them and think and throwing acorns to them is part of the deal.”

Llewyn still wasn’t sure what to make of any of this, really, but he had to admit his afternoon was getting a little more interesting, head trauma notwithstanding.

“But...uh, hitting you with the acorns wasn’t,” you continued. “Sorry.”

“You already said that,” Llewyn scoffed. “And really, it was just a nut.”

“Do you like nuts?” you asked, feeling the lip of your mouth quirk up.

Llewyn opened and closed his mouth once, then twice. He...really wasn’t sure how to answer this question. Why would you even ask --

You cleared your throat. “I mean, shit, I’m babbling. Sorry. I mean, do you like pecan pie? There’s a really good diner down the block and we stop by and maybe I could buy you some coffee and some pie, or whatever, y’know, to make up for nearly blinding you with that stupid acorn?”

Llewyn considered this. He was just sitting here, minding his own business, and replaying all the same sad scenarios he usually faced, over and over. Then you showed up and used him for target practice and cute and dusk was starting to become dark and the cops would probably come by and tell you all that you had to leave the park anyway.

He decided he didn’t need to go to Jim and Jean’s right away. Jean might be volatile to him, but she wasn’t going to toss his stuff onto the street. His stuff could wait.

“Okay,” he agreed. “I’m Llewyn, by the way.”

You made your introduction as you both headed toward the arch and out of the park, onto the street and toward the promise of caffeine and pastries.

“You do have to promise me one thing, thought,” Llewyn commented as they walked.

“Oh?” you glanced sideways at him.

“Yeah. No pie in the face. One nut to the head is enough for one day.”

Your laughter rang out and Llewyn decided he rather liked the sound.

“I promise.”


Taglist: @anetteaneta​ @rosemarysbaby13​ @writefightandflightclub​ @darksideofclarke​ @girlwiththemostcake​ @spider-starry​ @iamthe-shadow-on-the-wall​ @yourbucky084​

(tags always open - if you want in leave a note or send me an ask!)

#llewyn davis#llewyn davis x reader#inside llewyn davis#oscar isaac characters#fanfic#writing#autumn fluff#i miss NYC

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How To Open Keygen For Capture One For Mac

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Tumblr media

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The word 'keygen' means a small program that can generate a cd key, activation number, license code, serial number, or registration number for a piece of software. KeyGen is a shortened word for Key Generator. A keygen is made available through crack groups free to download. When writing a keygen, the author will identify the algorithm used in creating a valid cd key. Once the algorithm is identified they can then incorporate this into the keygen. If you search a download site for Phase One Capture One Pro Mac Os X Keygen, this often means your download includes a keygen.

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How To Open Keygen For Capture One For Mac Catalina

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( Home Remove-AppxPackage

Disabling the Microsoft Store entirelybut you may find that there is a requirement to use a few of the Microsoft Store apps by your users. For this option (again just for Enterprise and Education, and you’ll need Office 365 or Azure AD), you can instead have a Private Store. This is enabled again in Group Policy, using the setting “Only display the private store within the Microsoft Store app” again under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.

The Microsoft Store will look pretty bare at this stage (I see the 5 apps in the screenshot below by default), so you’ll want to add or remove some apps. This is done online, Enterprise customers go to and education customers go to You’ll need to sign in with an account that’s an Azure AD or Office 365 Global Administrator, but can then grant access to others.

To add an app, under ‘Shop for my group’ you can search or click through options to find the app you’re after – I’ve chosen Microsoft To-Do for this example. Remote connection for mac os. Going onto the app’s page will give you a button that says ‘Get the app&rsquo. Once you click that, you’ll see the message “Microsoft To-Do has been purchased and added to your inventory.” After you’ve done that, go to the “Manage” tab and then the “Products and Services” option on the right hand side, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives. Find the app, click the ellipsis (…) and choose “Add to private store” Tinyumbrella v7.

You will finally see a message saying that the app has been added to your store, but may take up to 36 hours* to show.

There’s also the option to assign an app to a user, this is only needed if it’s a licensed or paid for app that you want to give only to certain users – you may have bought 10 copies of a particular Windows Store app and need to control who has access to it.

It’s worth having a look through the other options on this page as you can control settings such as letting users make purchases, what your organisation will be called in the Microsoft Store app and if you get invoices for the store via email. 2k14 wwe game download for android.

Overall the Private Microsoft Store is rather easy to set up, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, lets you give users self-service access to apps that you allow, and gives you an easy way of letting someone install a Microsoft Store app in the future without having to enable the entire store. Parallels app for mac.

Applocker Windows 10 Pro Activation

*Update 2nd August 2018

Applocker Windows 10 Download

There’s been a great improvement to the 36 hour wait, it’s now within 15 minutes! More details here


Divinity Original Sin 2 Custom Vs Origin


  • Divinity: Original Sin 2. I prefer a Custom origin character. You completely miss out on a ton of voice acting and Capture One Pro Keygen Archives for the origin character you’re playing as 2. Custom characters allow race/gender combinations unavailable to origin characters 3. Many of the custom character voicesets are quite good.
  • Origin characters also have unique versions of some quests (There are times when they get separated from the rest of the party and see things from a different perspective), Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, but then again, so do Custom Characters simply by not being an Origin character. Custom Characters also get the special ability ‘Dome of Protection’ as their inherent source.
  • Slave no more, you still bear scars your master gave you, and wield the skills he taught you.
  1. Divinity Original Sin 2 Custom Or Original Character
  2. Divinity Original Sin 2 Custom Vs Origin

When playing through Divinity Original Sin 2, I played with a group of three others, three of us were Origin characters and one of us was custom. Capture One Pro Keygen Archives one custom character had almost no focus or story inclusion throughout the game other than contributing to our stories which were dynamic and extremely enjoyable.

Origins in Divinity: Original Sin 2 give the player unique Tags, appearance and in one case a Talent. They are essentially the equivalent of premade characters. Playbox download for mac. Players can also choose Custom if they wish to have more flexibility in their Character Creation, but there are unique opportunities only available to the premade Origins.

Also, In Divinity: Original Sin Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, you can romance any companion of yours, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, no matter your origin, gender or race.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Custom Or Original Character



Hp printer drivers for mac os x. Slave no more, you still bear scars your master gave you, and wield the skills he taught you: femme fatale, spy, assassin. Skills you plan to use against all masters.How to endnote a book.

The Red Prince

Unique among your own kind, you are a Capture One Pro Keygen Archives exiled from your Empire. This land is hostile, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, its inhabitants inferior, but no one will stop you march to vindication.

Ifan ben-Mezd

No body escapes the Lone Wolves unscathed, and your freedom was won at a terrible cost. You swore you were done, but there is one last wrong you need to right.


You were never normal: mind a playground for demons, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, body prone to violent episodes. The Divine himself couldn’t save you, can you save yourself?


Download microsoft office for mac 2013. Element 3d plugin after effects download mac. Your failed rebellion against the Queen nearly destroyed you - so you began a new life on the high seas. Now, your old enemy is back. If you don’t stop her, no one will.


Divinity Original Sin 2 Custom Vs Origin

You woke up and your world was gone. The last of your kind, you hide behind a charmed mask, searching for the truth about a history that no one knew Capture One Pro Keygen Archives Original Sin 2 Custom Vs Origin

Custom Origins

Divinity original sin 2 custom vs original

You can choose several different tags as the origin of your custom character. Tags affect the dialogues in game, providing alternate ways to complete quests.


Adobe Master Collection Cs5 Crack Mac


  1. Adobe Master Collection Cs 5
  2. Download Adobe Master Collection Cs5 Full Version
  3. Adobe Cs5 Master Capture One Pro Keygen Archives Free Download With Crack For Mac

Adobe Cs5 Master Collection Keygen Mac Adobe Cs5 Keygen Crack – Get latest edition Photoshop CS5 Serial Number that will help to activate any adobe edition being full version. Adobe photoshop being one of the best software image and photo editor that reliable for any people especially for them who need profesional image editor. Vray sketchup for mac crack, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives. Adobe CS5 Mac Helps with Professional Looking Design. The low-priced Adobe CS5 Mac, otherwise called ‘Creative Suite,’ was one of the premier photo editing and design software bundles and was the standard for graphic designers in studios and design firms.


Tools are more streamlined thanks to Adobe’s continuing move towards collapsible menus, while leaving the primary tools visible. Adobe Photoshop CS6 only strengthens the benchmark software’s existing position as the unrivaled production suite and an indispensable tool for old and new generation creative minds: graphic designers, web developers, video editors, you name it. Photoshop CS6 brings a darker, more focused default work environment, with menus and toolbars painted in dark grays and blacks. Of course, if you’re itching for a brighter look, CS6 gives users lighter-colored interfaces, reminiscent of previous versions. Let’s start with the interface: dark is good. Adobe photoshop cs5 crack download.

Brother mfc 7360n driver download for mac. I’ve got a box copy of the CS5 master collection and a Mac that is old and failing quickly. I was required to purchase this computer for college and it has seen much use. Macs are expensive and a new one is not something I have the funds to allocate to. I’m going to be building a PC tower (b. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Serial Number Crack. Updated: Mar 28. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Serial Number Crack - 1a8c34a149 Adobe Acrobat X; ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro with IMAP crack serial keygen 1118-1230-7545-0787-3317-8303 1118-1153-5836-7022-8566-0901 Adobe Acrobat X. Activate Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free Using Serial Key - Free download as Word Doc.

Adobe Master Collection Cs 5

1 Download torrent adobe cs6 master collection mac >>> Download torrent adobe cs6 master collection mac Download torrent adobe cs6 master collection mac Location is Your Internet Provider can see when you download torrents! The new version will thrill nearly all categories of users, from photographers to designers. Adobe CS6 Master Collection is a best innovative and latest software for MAC OS Adobe CS6 Master Collection Torrent provide you professional tools, and through these tools you can design pictures, web design, mixing and assembly of films. Measuring and analyzing your curation will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and how to improve your performance. Disconnect internet connection 2.

Creating engaging newsletters with your curated content is really easy. Creating new 2017 vector all good art wherever inspiration strikes.

As it stands in CS6, Adobe InDesign empowers page designers and graphic artists with a fantastic set of tools, a flexible work environment, and a keen sense of what will be important to them next. Download geometry dash full version mac. Thank you What happens if I skip step 7 is really confusing, when i try to do it the computer says permission denied, or file does not exist. How can I COPY AND PASTE INTO THE keygen?? Download type: Free Premium Download speed: 45. Install the Master Collection CS6 with a serial generated from our keymaker do not close the keygen!

I managed to follow the instructions and everything seems fine till I tried to open the program, and it said that the program is on trial and they will register the program to your adobe ID. This will ensure Photoshop is the Extended version 5. Dreamweaver CS6 is the first Web editor built for the multiplatform era, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives full support for HTML5 and CSS3. Thanks where i can find the missing content of premiere and after effects. Get free Adobe cs6 master collection Mac full version for Mac OS X Yosemite - Crack solutions with Keygen, Serials and Path - free torrent download link! A request code will be generated.

Install Adobe CS6 Master Collection as a trial 4. Of course when you download an Adobe software cracked from any resources, you should fine very specific crack instruction somewhere inside the whole folder you downloaded. Dreamweaver CS6 is the first Web editor built for the multiplatform era, with full support for HTML5 and CSS3, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives. A request code will be generated. With exceptional power and precision, you can create inspiring experiences that go anywhere. Download torrent adobe cs6 master collection mac Free Disk Space: 14,5 GB Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection PC echo File Size: 11.

Download Adobe Master Collection Cs5 Full Version

All files checked and uploaded by us! Mac Adobe CS6 Master Collection Full version with Crack tools + Torrent file Capture One Pro Keygen Archives make sure you can get any softwares. Amtlib.Dll Master Collection CS 6 Crack Free. Enact your Adobe Photoshop CS 6 without entering the serial number. Free shipping, in stock. Buy now!Adobe Cs 6 Master Collection Torrent Mac. For creative pros and students.Convert Adobe Master Collection Cs 6 Serial Number Mac.

Note: Please Update Trackers Info Before Downloading Torrents to See Updated Seeders And Leechers for Batter Difference Speed. Thank you to whoever can help or at least explain what this step is doing. How to Install Adobe Master Collection CS6 Mac Activation for Adobe CS6 Master Collection Mac 1337group Installation Computer Programs Computer Architecture How to Install Adobe Master Collection CS6 Mac Activation for Adobe CS6 Master Collection Mac 1337group Documents Similar To How to Install Adobe Master Collection CS6 Mac Activation for Adobe CS6 Master Collection Mac 1337group Documents Similar To How to Install Adobe Master Collection CS6 Mac Activation for Adobe CS6 Master Collection Mac 1337group. QUESTION: WILL IT ALSO WORK WITH THE Xforce version? For example, ERROR: DF015, DW063.

Adobe Cs5 Master Collection Free Download With Crack For Mac


Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf


Linear Algebra has 37 ratings and 1 review: Published by KRISHNA PRAKASHAN MEDIA P. LTD.-MEERUT, pages, Paperback. Results 1 – 20 of 74 Buy ar vasishtha Books Online in India. Login to Modern Algebra Fully Solved Ar Vasishtha,Kiran V Linear Algebra Ar Vasishtha,Jn Shar. Linear Algebra by Jn Sharma,Ar Vasishtha. our priceSave Rs. Capture One Pro Keygen Archives Linear Algebra online, free home delivery. ISBN:

  1. Abstract Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf
  2. Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf Download
  3. Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf Answers

PDF eBook Download Linear Algebra By A R Vasishtha PDF on The Most, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives. These are lecture notes for a first course in linear algebra; the prerequisite is a good course in calculus. The notes are quite informal, but they have been carefully read and criticized by two sections of honors students, and their comments and suggestions have been incorporated. Lecture Notes for Linear Algebra (PDF 268P) These notes are intended for someone who has already grappled with the problem of constructing proofs.This book covers the following topics: Gauss-Jordan elimination, matrix arithmetic, determinants, linear algebra, linear transformations, linear geometry, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives. Linear Algebra has 37 ratings and 1 review: Published by KRISHNA PRAKASHAN MEDIA P. LTD.-MEERUT, pages, Paperback. Results 1 – 20 of 74 Buy ar vasishtha Books Online in India. Login to Modern Algebra Fully Solved Ar Vasishtha,Kiran V Linear Algebra Ar Vasishtha,Jn Shar.

Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf
Author:Tut Bak
Language:English (Spanish)
Published (Last):3 April 2005
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Sc Chemistry IV Code: TB Surveying I Code: Matrices Ar Vasishtha,Ak Vasi.

Linear algebra by ar vasishtha pdf free download

Remedial Mathematics AR Vasishtha. Data Structure Using ‘C’ Code: TB Integral Calculus Code: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Question Bank Integral Calculus Code: Ankit Mishra rated it it was ok Sep 17, Teach Me Numbers 1 to 50 Code: Bio Physical Chemistry Code: SapnaOnline provides online shopping for over 10 Million Book Titles in various languages and genres.

Abstract Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf

Sam Goyal rated it liked it Apr 04, Paper Back Publishing Date: At SapnaOnline we believe that customer satisfaction is utmost important hence all our efforts are genuinely put into servicing the customer’s in the best possible way.

Art of Writing – Capital Letters Code: Financial Accounting E Agra Code: Ashish Singh rated it it was amazing Nov 21, Obj Physical Chemistry-I Code: Pranjal rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Advanced Abstract Algebra Code: Teach Me Numbers 1 to Code: See 2 questions about Linear Algebra&hellip. Notify Me We will send an email as soon as we get it in stock.

Buy Linear Algebra book : Jn Sharma,Ar Vasishtha,– India

Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf

Theory of Relativity Code: Avi Pal rated it really liked it Jul 02, Mathematical Analysis – Capture One Pro Keygen Archives Code: Basic Electrical Engineering Code: It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience. Camtasia for mac os x.

Dean dmt design humbucker pickups review. Numerical Analysis Meerut Code: Dhiraj Choudhary rated it it was ok May 08, It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience. TB Automobile Technology Code: Question Bank Algebra Code: English Express Pre Primer Code: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf Download


Availability – Out of Stock Shipping: If you need any of your orders’ to be delivered outside of India, please reach out to us via our contact us page with the product details and delivery location for us to quote you the best possible algbra price.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Measure and Integration Code: Teach Me Alphabets Code: Analytical Solid Geometry Code: Linear Algebra by A.

Sachin rated it really liked it May 28, Sah Piyush rated it it was vasishyha Sep 30, Maths II nd year Code: TB Trigonometry Allahabad Code: Vipul Jain rated it did not like it Feb 19, TB Statistical Capture One Pro Keygen Archives 1. Chemistry Practical – I Code: Click on below image to change.

Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf

Question Bank Diffrential Calculus Code: Shopping is made oinear through the easy checkout process with High Security offerings like Bit SSL Certificate provided by Global Safe Security Providers-Verisign so that your online transactions are absolutely safe and secured. Engineering Mathematics -I Code: Solution Set for B. TB Business Environment Code: Login Please enter your login details.

Linear Algebra By Ar Vasishtha Pdf Answers

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1984 Ford E350 Motorhome Manual


Ford E-350 Manuals Index

Owners Manual 1987 Ford E350 Econoline Motorhome PDF Online. If you like to read Owners Manual 1987 Ford E350 Econoline Motorhome PDF Online?? Good, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, means the same to me. Did you also know that Owners Manual 1987 Ford E350 Econoline Motorhome PDF Download is the best sellers book of the year. If you have not had time to read this Owners Manual 1987 Ford E350 Econoline Motorhome PDF. Select your vehicle year and model to access all the information you need about your Ford® vehicle — from owner manuals and warranty information to roadside assistance cards and more. Read, print shoot and edit virtual tour Archives download the PDFs to your computer or mobile device, or use the clickable online version, if available.

Ford E-350 Owners Manual

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Never miss out: Get notified when new Ford E-350 documents are added.

Yes! I’d love to be emailed when a new, high quality document is available for my Ford E-350. My email address is:

Spam free, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives, max one email a month.

Ford Econoline Manuals Index

Ford Econoline Workshop Manual

1991 ford e350 motorhome
1984 ford e350 motorhome specs

Ford E350 Motorhome For Sale

Ford Econoline Owners Manual

Ford Econoline Misc Document


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Never miss out: Get notified when new Ford Econoline documents are added.

Yes! I’d love to be emailed when a new, high quality document is available for my Ford Econoline. My email address is:

1984 Ford Econoline E350 Owners Manual

Spam free, max one email a month.


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Capture One Pro Crack Free Download Latest 2020

Capture One Pro Crack is a beautiful, professional and well-designed web application that helps photographers. This app allows you to get some amazing high resolution images. There are many hand-crafted tools designed for video editing.

Capture One Pro Crack  is a photo editing software, developed by this system. In addition to graphic editing, it handles drawing catalogs, graphic file uploads, and related photos. Capture Group works with live files from many different digital cameras, as well as TIFF and JPEG files

With this app, you will get a mirror where you will find introductory videos as well as some online tutorials. It has its own interactive visual interface which has a wide range of options, including Viewer, detector, mirrors, full screen, slide show, Capture Pilot and more. You can use many different devices in the device menu, as well as the Tools tab that allows library, Entries, Controls, Color, Revelation, Metadata, Repairs, and Lens Out, and more. You can adjust the focus of color, split sound, glowing sound, saturation, noise reduction and dirt removal, etc. In a nutshell, Capture One Pro Crack is a web-based, professional and feature large image editor, dedicated to photographers.

Capture One is a digital video editing software that provides complete answers for capturing, editing, editing and organizing photos. Capture A group of experts who edit articles. Provides an easy-to-operate operating system, multiple editing tools with high results. The program includes basic and high-resolution photo editing, image stabilization, landscaping, head editing, color correction, black and white conversion, visual effects, blurring, dirt removal and HDR applications.

Capture One Pro Crack Free Download Latest 2020

Features of Capture One Pro

  • Full Control: Every tool in Capture One Pro is designed to give you full control of all aspects of the editing process – preserving, recovering, and optimizing all information from your RAW files. The full range of tools offers extensive possibilities to always achieve perfect results.
  • Tethered Capture: Capture One’s Industry leading tethered capture is fast, flexible, and reliable, for those photography sessions where speed Capture One Pro Keygen Archives accuracy are important, Capture One Pro Keygen Archives. Shoot directly to your computer for an almost instant viewing experience – with or without instant adjustments. Enable Live View for easier composing when shooting still-life photography.
  • Workflow and Performance: From customizable tools, keyboard shortcuts to graphics acceleration, and instant tethered capture – Capture One is built to minimize your workload and maximize your efficiency. Design your own workspace and decide your own way of working in Capture One 20 Pro.
  • All About Color: Capture One is known for its exceptional handling of color. Thanks to our custom camera profiling, every RAW file shines – straight from the camera. Whether you seek creative color grading tools or want to ensure natural colors in your images, Capture One Pro delivers powerful and precise tools to achieve your vision.
  • Workflow and Performance: From customizable tools and keyboard shortcuts to graphics acceleration and instant tethered capture; Capture One is built to minimize your workload and maximize your efficiency. Design your own workspace and find your way of working Capture One Pro Keygen Archives Capture One.

System Requirements For Capture One Pro

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.

Capture One Pro Crack Free Download Latest 2020

How to install or Register Capture One Pro

  • First Download the File From Download button Below
  • After you Download the File extract with Winzip or Winrar
  • Then install the Setup Do not run it
  • Copy the Crack and paste on setup install folder
  • Run the crack as administer and install it
  • All Done Now Enjoy
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