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Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives

I have an annual premium subscription and update daily yet never get any human You should have access to the secure export in a Dashlane archive .dash). KeePass is a free open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in an encrypted database, which can be unlocked with one master key. Dashlane on small handheld devices still needs work in my opinion. Apps are available for Android Phones and Tablets and iPhones an iPad app.

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Import Data to your Vault

Bitwarden provides a data import tool for easy migration from any password management solution to your personal Vault or Organization Vault. You can also use the data import tool to import from one Bitwarden Vault to another, or to import a Bitwarden Encrypted Export.

For a full list of supported import formats, see What file formats does Bitwarden support Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives import?, or use one of these articles for importing from the most popular solutions:

Import to your Personal Vault

Importing data to Bitwarden can only be done from theWeb Vault or CLI. Data is encrypted locally before being sent to the server for storage. To import your data:

  1. In the Web Vault, select Tools from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Import Data from the left-hand Tools menu.
  3. From the format dropdown, choose a File Format (see What file formats does Bitwarden support for import?).

  4. Select the Choose File button and add the file to import or copy/paste the contents of your file into the input box.


    Import to Bitwarden can’t check whether items in the file to import are duplicative of items in your Vault. This means that importing multiple files will create duplicative Vault items if an item is already in the Vault and in the file to import.

  5. Select the Import Data button to complete your import.
  6. After successful import, delete the import source file from your computer. This will protect you in the event your computer is compromised.

Currently, file attachments are not included in Bitwarden Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives operations and will need to be uploaded to your Vault manually. For more information, see File Attachments.


Length-related Import Errors

The following error messages, typically received when attempting to import aindicate that an item in your import file has a specified value that exceeds the allowed encrypted character limit for its field type:

Cipher errors in the Web Vault

To solve this issue, open the file in a text editor or spreadsheet program and remove or reduce the character count of the offending item, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Bitwarden won’t import your file until it is free of offenses. The contents of the error messages contain several pieces of pertinent data to help you identify the offending item. For example, in the above example:

  • identifies the index number where the offending item is located, adjusted to match row numbering in most spreadsheet programs.
  • identifies the Vault item of the offending item.
  • identifies the of the offending item.
  • indicates the field (column) where the character limit is exceeded.
  • indicates the character limit allowed for that field (column).


    On import to Bitwarden, the character count of any given field is increased due to encryption, meaning that an 8000-character field in your will scale to 10,000+ characters when it comes into contact with Bitwarden, triggering this error. As a rule of thumb, character counts will grow between 30-50% when encrypted.

If you continue to have trouble locating the offending item using the data provided in the error, it may help to focus first on notes as these are frequently the cause of this error.

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The best password managers in 2021

EDITOR'S NOTE: The winners of the 2021 Tom's Guide Awards have been announced, and LastPass Premium has won Best Password Manager. 1Password is the runner-up. Head to the Tom's Guide Awards 2021 Best Products for Working From Home page to see all the winners and recommended runners-up.

Using one of the best password managers may be the single best way to boost your online security. There will be no more need to remember dozens of long, complicated passwords — instead, you'll have one long, complicated password that can unlock all the rest.

The best password managers also quickly and easily generate strong passwords for you. Most can automatically fill in login forms, and many also fill in credit-card numbers and personal details.

Your passwords and other sensitive data will be encrypted on your devices and in the password manager's servers. And two-factor authentication will make it harder to break into your account, even if someone else learns your master password. 

However, none of the best password managers let you recover your master password if you forget it, although some let you regain access to your account in other ways.

The best password managers have client software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and most support Linux and Chrome OS too, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. You can sync your passwords across an unlimited number of devices, although you may have to pay for that; free versions are often Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives to one or two devices.

So why use a stand-alone password manager when web browsers can remember passwords too? Sadly, it's not hard to steal passwords from web browsers, and malware that does so is pretty common.

Apple's own Keychain software is more secure and even has a Windows version now, but it's bare-bones and doesn't work on Android devices. Stand-alone password managers are very secure, offer tons of features and work across all major browsers and Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives are the best password managers?

We've tried out nearly a dozen password managers, focusing on user experience, platform support, security and overall performance. We think the best password manager is LastPass for its ease of use, convenience and security.

Until recently, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, LastPass had the best free tier of any password manager, with unlimited syncing across all devices. But in March 2021, LastPass cut it back so that LastPass Free will no longer sync all a user's devices, but either only computers or only mobile devices.

LastPass's paid tier adds unlimited syncing, encrypted online storage, advanced two-factor authentication (2FA), dark-web monitoring of your accounts and emergency access for your friends and loved ones. At $36 per year, it's still not expensive, and the family plan covers up to six people for $48 per year.

Keeper is a close runner-up for best password manager. Its free tier won't let you sync your devices, but its inexpensive ($35/year) premium tier is a close match for LastPass. Keeper also has a tight focus on user privacy and Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives best free tier now belongs to Bitwarden, which lets you sync all your passwords across all your devices for gratis. Upgrading to its $10/year paid plan gets you secure cloud storage as well as more 2FA and sharing options. 

Our previous top pick, Dashlane, has a great desktop application and can change hundreds of your passwords at once. But Dashlane's free tier is very limited, its new $36 plan is still quite limited and its unlimited premium plan is pricey at $60/year.

1Password ($36/year), a longtime favorite of Mac users, has no free tier, but it's a strong contender if you live an Apple lifestyle. Windows and Android users who travel a lot should also consider 1Password for its unique Travel Mode, which can temporarily delete stored passwords and other valuable pieces of information to protect them from snoopy border guards.

The best password managers you can buy today

1. LastPass

The best password manager overall


Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS

Free-version limitations: Limited password sharing, few 2FA options

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Edge, Opera

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Face ID, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, most Android & Windows fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Extensive two-factor-authentication options+Good, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, consistent design throughout+Excellent family-plan pricing

Reasons to avoid

-Bare-bones stand-alone desktop apps -Free version no longer what it used to be

LastPass is still our choice for best password manager because of its ease of use, its support for all major platforms and its wide range of features. That's even though its once-excellent free tier has been greatly diminished. 

The free version of LastPass no longer syncs across all your devices, but instead only among your computers or among your mobile devices — not both. Otherwise, it still has nearly as many features as the paid version, such as a password generator, unlimited passwords and secure storage. 

The paid version adds unlimited syncing among all devices, support for physical two-factor-authentication keys, 1GB of online file storage, dark-web monitoring of your accounts and access to premium tech support.  

You don't need to install an application on your computer to use LastPass. Instead, the software can live entirely in browser extensions and in the full-featured web interface. 

There are legacy desktop applications for Windows and Mac still available, with some limits. Meanwhile,  the local-network-only LastPass Pocket option for Windows and Linux has been discontinued, as has password filling for Windows applications.

As mentioned earlier, LastPass DMCA - product key has won Best Password Manager in the 2021 Tom's Guide Awards.

Read our full LastPass review.

2. Keeper

A password manager with top-notch security


Platforms: Final Cut Express 4 crack serial keygen, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS

Free-version limitations: Single device

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Edge, Opera

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: No

Biometric login: Face ID, Pixel Face Unlock, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, Windows Hello, most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Clean, streamlined look+Solid, no-nonsense apps, browser extensions and web interface+Very strong security

Reasons to avoid

-Doesn't autofill personal information

Keeper ($20.98 per year for Tom's Guide readers) is fast and full-featured, has a robust web interface, stores files and documents of any kind, offers perhaps the best security of any password manager and has a premium service cheaper than both Dashlane and LastPass. Its free tier gives you everything except syncing among devices.

The trade-off for that enhanced security is a bit of inconvenience. Keeper chooses not to have a bulk password changer and it won't let you create a PIN to quickly access the mobile app, as both features can be abused. If you're still using a phone that can't read your fingerprint or your face, you'll have to enter the full master password every time.

For an extra $25 per year, Keeper will also monitor the internet for unauthorized use of your personal data and give 10GB of secure cloud storage. It also offers a free secure messaging service.

Read our full Keeper review.

3. Bitwarden

The best free tier among major password managers


Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

Free-version limitations: Limits on file sharing and 2FA

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Tor

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Face ID, Touch ID on iOS and macOS, fingerprint and face unlock on Android, Windows Hello

Reasons to buy

+Totally unlimited free version+Inexpensive premium pricing+Open-source and very secure

Reasons to avoid

-Not many bells and whistles-Not all features are intuitive to use

Launched in 2016, Bitwarden has soared into the top ranks of password managers with its low prices, attractive design and full-featured free tier. Now that Designer Archives - PC Product key has hobbled its own free service, Bitwarden is the best option for anyone who wants to sync all their logins across all Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives devices without paying a dime. 

Meanwhile, Bitwarden's $10-per-year paid version has most of the features you'd find with LastPass, Keeper or 1Password, though it can be a bit counter-intuitive to use. Privacy geeks will appreciate that Bitwarden gives you the option of setting up your own server to sync your passwords. 

Other key features are an innovative secure information-sharing service called Send, a "portable" Windows version that you can install on a flash drive and extensions for eight different browsers. The only major downsides to Bitwarden are a somewhat limited desktop app and the fact that the mobile apps can't auto-fill credit-card numbers or other non-login information.

Read our full Bitwarden review.

4. Dashlane

The best password-manager desktop-app interface


Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Android, Linux, Chrome OS

Free-version limitations: Single Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives 50 passwords max

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Edge

Form filling: Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Face ID, Pixel Face Unlock, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, some Android & Windows fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Intuitive interface across all platforms+Built-in, unlimited VPN service+Bulk password changer

Reasons to avoid


Dashlane matches LastPass in platform support and has very good desktop software, at least for now. Its killer feature remains Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives bulk password changer that can reset hundreds of passwords at once, which has recently been overhauled.

In January 2021, Dashlane announced that it would be phasing out its desktop applications sometime during the next year. It encourages all users to switch to the browser extensions before the plug is pulled on Jan. 10, 2022.

The password manager is well designed, easy to use and excellent at filling out your personal information in online forms. A scanner goes through your email inbox to find online accounts you may have forgotten about. 

Dashlane's drawback is its high price. Its Premium plan is $60 per year, or $78 per year if you pay monthly, while Dashlane's free plan is limited to 50 sets of credentials and won't let Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives sync among devices. 

A new Essentials plan that costs $36 per year ($4 per month) tries to close the gap between the two, but it limits you to only two devices — not much of a winning proposition when that costs the same as LastPass, Keeper and 1Password's unlimited plans.

On the upside, the Dashlane Premium plan has dark-web monitoring and unlimited VPN service, courtesy of Hotspot Shield. These non-password-management features may justify the high prices. (The Premium Plus plan, which added identity-theft protection, has been discontinued.)

Read our full Dashlane review.

5. 1Password

Best for Mac and iOS users


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, iOS, Android, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Linux, Chrome OS, Darwin, FreeBSD, OpenBSD

Free-version limitations: No more free version

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Face ID, Pixel Face Unlock, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, Windows Hello, most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Travel Mode keeps out prying eyes+Strong organizational tools+Secret Key encryption

Reasons to avoid

-Weak mobile experience-Somewhat outdated desktop look

1Password's apps provide a better experience on Mac and iOS than they do on Android or Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, but the designs and user interfaces all seem a bit outdated on the desktop and mobile apps. 

However, 1Password's stand-alone browser extensions for Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, called 1Password in the Browser, are great. They work directly with web browsers and now support biometric logins. They also extend 1Password to Chromebook users, while the 1Password Linux desktop client was officially released in May 2021.

1Password's killer feature is a Travel Mode that deletes sensitive data from your devices (you'll get it back later) so that snooping border-control agents can't find it. 1Password also has great form-filling abilities and true two-factor authentication.

Most recently, 1Password began offering "masked" email addresses for greater privacy through a deal with email provider Fastmail. The catch is that you have to subscribe to both services.

It also added a secure data-sharing service called Psst! that lets 1Password users send a Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives weblink to anyone to share information, such as a password, that has already been saved in 1Password. The recipient does not need to be a 1Password subscriber.

1Password asks new users to sign up for a $36 yearly cloud subscription. Until recently, Mac users can buy the older stand-alone application that lets them sync devices locally for $65, but 1Password has stopped issuing new licenses as of August 2021. The limited free version of 1Password has been discontinued.

As mentioned above, 1Password has merited Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Highly Recommended mention for Best Password Manager in the 2021 Tom's Guide Awards.

Read our full 1Password review.

6. RoboForm

Basic, but reliable and inexpensive


Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS

Free-version limitations: Single device; no 2FA

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Edge, Opera

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Face ID, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, Windows Hello, Pixel Face Unlock,most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Robust form filling+Relatively inexpensive+Attractive mobile apps, web interface

Reasons to avoid

-Unintuitive desktop apps-Features don't match those of top rivals

RoboForm has been around since 1999, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, but its recently overhauled web interface and mobile apps are modern and responsive. The desktop app still feels a bit clunky, yet retains RoboForm's famously excellent form-filling.

RoboForm offers quite a few features, such as password sharing, two-factor authentication, a password generator and, most recently, notification of exposure in data breaches. Their functionality is a bit limited compared to those of some other password managers, but they'll do the job. 

The free tier works well and includes most RoboForm features. However, it won't sync across multiple devices. At a list price of $24 per year (plus a 30% discount for Tom's Guide readers), RoboForm's premium version is cheaper than almost every other password manager, and may be just the thing for someone seeking the basics at a budget price.

Read our full RoboForm review.

7. Blur

OK at managing passwords, great at protecting privacy


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (via browsers); Android, iOS

Free-version limitations: Single device; fewer privacy features

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: No

Biometric login: Face ID, Touch ID on iOS, most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Unique privacy-protecting features+Strong autofill support

Reasons to avoid

-Unreliable password import-Poor mobile app experience-Expensive for a password manager

Blur is a privacy-protection service with a password manager tacked on. It's fine as a browser-based desktop password manager, but it's a bit more expensive than LastPass, Keeper or 1Password. And its mobile apps are out-of-date and hard to use.

What Blur excels at is keeping your data private. It offers one-time-use credit-card numbers for online purchases, different email addresses for every online service you sign up for, and even a second phone number for when you don't want to reveal your real one.

You get all that for $39 per year with Blur's basic premium plan, although you have to pay a small fee for every Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives credit number, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Those fees disappear with the $99 unlimited premium plan. (Each paid plan can be tried free for 30 days.) The free tier is pretty bare-bones, with few privacy features and no syncing across devices.

If you just want a good password manager, there are better and cheaper options. But if comprehensive online privacy is your chief concern, then Blur is Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives worth considering.

Read our full Blur review.

8. KeePass

Great -- if you're highly technical


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux; unofficial Android, iOS, Chrome OS ports

Free-version limitations: None; it's all free

Two-factor authentication: Via plugins

Browser plugins: 3rd-party extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Safari

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: Depends on 3rd-party app

Biometric login: Via plug-ins

Reasons Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives buy

+Completely free & open-source+Gives you total control of data+Runs on almost anything

Reasons to avoid

-Very unintuitive-Third-party Android, iOS apps

KeePass may be the most powerful and customizable password manager around, and it's entirely free. The catch is that you'll have to put a lot of the pieces together yourself.

The core KeePass desktop application is written for Windows and runs on Mac or Linux with a bit of tweaking. Syncing among devices is up to you: You can use Dropbox, OneDrive or similar online accounts, or you can share files on your local home network. 

Likewise, you can choose among several third-party apps for Android, iOS, Chrome OS or other platforms, as well as third-party browser extensions. These daunting tasks are made easier by more than 100 plug-ins and extensions that bolt onto KeePass. 

There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to KeePass, and the average user may want to stick to one of the easier-to-use password managers. But if you're technically minded and enjoy a bit of a challenge, give KeePass a try. 

Read our full KeePass review.

Other password Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives can't review every worthwhile password Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives every year. Following are a few that are well worth considering even if we tried them some time ago, plus one that we've reviewed again recently and found that we can no longer wholeheartedly recommend.


Not bad for $24 a year


Platforms: Windows, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Mac, iOS, Android, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Linux, Chrome OS

Free-version limitations: 25 items on mobile; no biometric login on desktop

Two-factor authentication: No

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi

Form filling: Yes

Mobile app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Touch ID on iOS & macOS, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Hello, most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Strong free desktop version+Easy to keep your data offline

Reasons to avoid

-Limited features and syncing options-No two-factor authentication

Enpass has strong, unlimited free desktop applications for Windows, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Mac and Linux, but its free mobile apps for Android and iOS are limited to 25 passwords. 

Unlimited coverage on all devices costs $15.99 for 6 months, $23.99 for a year or $55.99 for a one-time lifetime purchase. 

Enpass handles the basics well, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, but you'll have to sync your own devices via Dropbox, OneDrive or a similar service, as Enpass doesn't offer any cloud-syncing of its own. (Some users might see that as a security advantage.)

The Enpass desktop interface is a bit spare, but functional; the mobile apps are sleek. All handle biometric logins to some extent. 

Enpass doesn't advertise a local-sync feature, but you could create one with USB drives or a bit of network sharing. That might make the service ideal for users who are wary of putting their data online. Overall, Enpass belongs on our best password managers list, but it's not our top pick.

Read our full Enpass review.

Zoho Vault

Totally free for personal use


Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone

Free-version limitations: No sharing

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Form filling: No

Mobile app PIN unlock: Yes

Biometric login: Touch ID on iOS, most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Solid free offering+Inexpensive family plan

Reasons to avoid

-No form filling-Bare-bones mobile apps-Poor handling of Google login

Zoho Vault is part of a larger suite of paid enterprise tools, but Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives company makes its password manager free for individual personal use. Group plans that can be used by families start at $12 per user, per year.

You won't get consumer-friendly features such as personal-data form-filling or a bulk password changer with Zoho Vault, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, but all of the essentials are in place and work smoothly.

Zoho Vault does the password syncing for you using its own servers, and there's no fee to sync all your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. 

The only drawback we encountered was that Zoho Vault sometimes tripped over Google's two-page logins in our testing, but Zoho representatives tell us that has since been Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives our full Zoho Vault review.

True Key

Once promising, but now a has-been


Platforms: Windows, Mac (both through browser extensions), Android, iOS

Free-version limitations: Single device; 15 passwords max

Two-factor authentication: Yes

Browser plugins: Chrome, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Edge, Firefox

Form filling: None

Mobile app PIN unlock: No

Biometric Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Face ID, Touch ID on iOS, Windows Hello, most Android fingerprint readers

Reasons to buy

+Inexpensive+Extensive multi-factor authentication

Reasons to avoid

-Hasn't been updated in years-Limited features-Useless free version

True Key was one of the most impressive and futuristic password managers of 2015, with an appealing, user-friendly interface, strong support for biometric logins and innovative multi-factor authentication.

The problem is that True Key has barely been updated since then, and other password managers have passed it by. Even its $20 yearly subscription price hasn't changed.

The features True Key does have, including note-taking and ID record-keeping, work well, although its Mac and Windows desktop apps have been replaced with browser interfaces. The mobile apps do a good job. 

Unfortunately, the free tier is next to useless, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, as it permits only 15 password entries, and True Key's developers never seem to have gotten around to adding form-filling.

True Key is often bundled with McAfee antivirus software, and if you get it that way, it's perfectly fine to use. But it's not worth paying for.

Read our full True Key review.

How to choose the best password manager for you

Most of these password managers have the same essential functions. But things differ when you get to their extra features. 

Some of these password managers, such as Dashlane, 1Password and Keeper, alert you to the latest data breaches, sometimes for an extra price. Many offer to save your personal details, credit-card numbers and other frequently used information so that they can quickly fill out online forms for you. (It's safer than letting retail websites save your credit-card information.) 

LastPass once offered an excellent, unlimited free service tier, but that baton has been passed to Bitwarden, which also has a $10 yearly premium plan that covers most of the basics.

1Password's Mac and iOS apps REASON 5 crack serial keygen generally been kept more up-to-date than in its Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives and Windows applications. It may be the best choice if you use exclusively Apple devices, but the other password managers work just fine across all platforms.

The biggest decision to make is whether you want your passwords to be stored locally on your own computers and mobile devices, or in the cloud on someone else's servers. There are pros and cons to each approach.

Cloud vs. local management

1Password gives you an option to store and sync your "vault" of passwords and other sensitive information locally (in other words, only on your own devices) without using the service's cloud servers. (LastPass has ended its Pocket option that did so too.)

For KeePass, local sync is the default solution, but setting up your Dropbox, iCloud or other account to sync online is not hard. The Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives cloud-account option is standard for Enpass, although it plans to add a local-sync feature.

Bitwarden syncs passwords by default on its own servers, but provides very detailed instructions for shifting that function to servers you control, if you prefer.

There's a security advantage to syncing your passwords locally because none of the data needs to reach the internet. If you want to maintain softube crack windows Archives control, this is the way to go. 

The downside is that it can be a hassle to synchronize the Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives on all of your devices. Some services let you do so over a local network, such as a Wi-Fi network. You could also put the password vault on a USB stick and walk it from one computer to another.

Far more convenient are cloud-based password managers. These services keep encrypted copies of your vault on their own servers, ensure that all your devices are always synced and encrypt the transmissions between your devices and their servers.

The risk, though small, is that one of the cloud servers — even one that you control using Bitwarden's Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives — could be breached and your passwords released out into the wild. (LastPass has had a few documented security issues, all of which were quickly fixed, without losing any passwords.)  

If a password manager is doing its job right, it's storing all your passwords in encrypted format, and storing your master password only as a "hash" that's the result of an irreversible mathematical process.

Whether it's local or cloud-synced, a password manager puts all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, unless you use more than one password manager. But for most people, the demonstrable security benefits of using a password manager far outweigh the disadvantages.

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The Best Password Managers for 2021

Nearly every website you visit, from dating apps to hyper-secure banking sites, insists you create a user account and think up a password. The human memory can't keep up with dozens and dozens of passwords. Some folks get the bright idea to use the simplest possible Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, things that are easy to remember, like "123456789" or "password." Others memorize one superbly random password and use it for everything. Either path is likely to make you the latest victim of identity theft.

Don't be like them. Use a password manager, and use your password manager's features correctly. With a password manager, you don't have to remember strong, unique passwords for all your accounts. The password manager stores them for you and even helps you generate new, random ones. All the best password managers that made the cut for this article cost money, though you can use some of them for free if you accept certain limitations. If you don't want to spend money and don't want limitations, don't worry. We've rounded up the best free password managers in a separate article.

We've tested and analyzed dozens of Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives managers so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Not happy with your initial choice? Don't worry. Most services allow you to export your saved data or import from other products, easing the process of switching password managers.

Secure Your Passwords on Every Platform

When you sign up for a password manager, one of the first things you need to do is create a master password for your account. Your master password is used to encrypt the contents of your password vault, so you should make it something difficult for anyone else to guess or find out. However, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, it can't be so random that you forget it; your master password is likely unrecoverable if you do. Read our tips on creating secure, complicated passwords Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives guidance.

As an additional precaution, you should set up multi-factor authentication to secure your password Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives account, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, be it biometric, SMS-based, or via time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) stored in an authenticator app. The best password managers support authentication via U2F- or OTP-based hardware security keys, most of which are about the size of an actual key and made to go on your key ring.

Before you commit to any password manager, you need to make sure it works on each device you use and doesn't prevent you from syncing your passwords across all your devices. Although support for Windows and macOS platforms is a given, several password managers now offer native Linux apps, too, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. The best password managers have browser extensions for every popular browser that can operate independently of a desktop app.

Full support for mobile platforms is a requirement for any modern password manager, as most people frequently use their mobile devices to access secure sites and apps. Most experiences and features translate to mobile platforms without issue, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, but no one wants to enter a password like @2a&AY8mePu8HU@H on their smartphone's tiny keyboard. Fortunately, password manager apps typically let you authenticate using your fingerprint or face, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and then they fill in your username and password for you.

The Password Basics

Most people use a password manager primarily to manage website credentials. In practice, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, when you log Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives to a secure site, the password manager offers to save your credentials. When you return to that site, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, it offers to fill in those credentials. If you've saved multiple logins for the same site, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, the password manager lists all those options. Most password managers also offer a browser toolbar menu of saved logins, so you can go straight to a saved site and log in automatically.

Some products detect when you change your password to an account and offer to update the existing password on file to the new one. Some record your credentials when you create a new account for a secure website. For maximum convenience, you should avoid password managers that don't automatically capture passwords.

Getting all of your existing passwords into a password manager is a good first step. Next, you need to identify the weak and duplicate passwords and replace them with tough ones. Password managers can flag these bad passwords and help you improve them. A PCMag survey found that 70% of respondents reuse passwords for their accounts, so clearly, getting rid of reused passwords is one of the biggest ways a password manager can improve your personal security. Some password managers even check whether you have set up multi-factor authentication for those services in your vault that support it and whether your personal information appears in any data breaches.

Bitwarden password manager reused credential warning

When you create a new secure account or update a weak password, don't strain your brain trying to come up with something strong and unique. Let your password manager take care of it. You don't have to remember it, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, after all, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Make sure your generated passwords are at least 20 characters long and include all the major character types: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. All too many products default to a shorter length.

Fill Forms Automatically

Since most password managers can autofill stored credentials, it's just a small step for them to automatically fill in personal data on web forms, such as first and last name, email address, phone number, bank cards, passport numbers, and so on. You'll even find password managers that show you realistic images of credit cards with the correct color and bank logo of your physical card to make it easy to pick the payment option you want when you're shopping online. Storing payment and identity details in an encrypted vault is much safer than saving them to a website or browser.

1Password's Windows dashboard

Most of the top-rated products include a web form-filling component. The breadth and flexibility of their data collections vary, as does their accuracy when matching web form fields with their stored items. Even if they miss a field or two, the fields that they do fill are ones you don't have to type. Think about how many sites you go to that want you to fill in all the same information. Having a password manager do it for you is a huge time-saver. Each password manager handles form filling differently. Some immediately fill fields automatically, but others wait for your input.

Advanced Password-Management Features

Given that all these products take care of basic password management tasks, how do any of them stand out from the pack?

One handy advanced feature is the ability to capture and fill credentials for desktop applications, not just websites. Most password managers can fill in credentials on mobile apps, but desktop apps are another story.

Another advanced feature is a secure browser designed to protect sensitive transactions, launched automatically when you visit financial sites.

Most password managers include a built-in mechanism for securely sharing passwords with other users, but some go a step further with advanced permissions. For instance, a few password managers allow you to share a login without making the password visible, revoke sharing, or make the recipient an owner of the item.

On a grimmer note, what happens Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives your secure accounts after you die? A growing number of products include some provision for a digital legacy, a method to transfer your logins to a trusted individual in the event of your death or incapacity.

Logging in with your secure username and password to a website that doesn't use a secure HTTPS connection is a big no-no. Some password managers warn you about insecure login pages. Even when you do use HTTPS, sniffers and snoops can still learn some things about your activity, such as the simple fact that you're logging in to the secure site, and the IP address from which you're connecting. Running your secure connections through a virtual private network, or VPN, adds a layer of protection. Dashlane includes a simple built-in VPN. RememBear and NordPass respectively come from the same companies behind Editors' Choice VPNs TunnelBear VPN and NordVPN. 

Secure storage is an increasingly common feature among password managers, too. The storage allocation won’t replace the need for a dedicated cloud storage and syncing service, but in many cases, it’s enough for storing important documents in an encrypted state.

What's Not Here

As mentioned earlier, you also won't find any only-free password managers here. Those products are in a separate roundup. The password managers that offer both excellent paid and free tiers appear in both roundups.

A password manager isn't the only thing you need to secure your digital life. We already mentioned the importance of using a VPN and multi-factor authentication, but you should also use a security suite. It never hurts to verify that all your security software works, either.

The Top Password Management Software

Although a password manager needs to offer advanced features, it should remain easy to use and avoid needless complexity, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Users who get annoyed or baffled by a password manager may well abandon it and go back to using sticky notes to store and share passwords or, worse, applying the same password everywhere.

Our Editors' Choice winners for the category are Dashlane, Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault, LastPass, and Zoho Vault. Slick and polished Dashlane boasts a ton of features. Keeper offers a full set of advanced capabilities, a sleek and elegant user interface, and support for every popular platform and browser. LastPass Premium Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives because of its ease of use and competitive security tools, despite changes to the free version of LastPass that now make it hard to recommend. Zoho Vault has a robust free tier that syncs across all platforms and a litany of enterprise features for teams and businesses. You won't go wrong choosing any one of these services. Products that do not earn an Editors' Choice award still have their merits, however, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and you may even prefer one of them.

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KeePass Password Safe

Password Safe


This is the official website of KeePass, the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.

Latest News

KeePass Main WindowKeePass 2.49 released
2021-09-10 16:18. Read More »

KeePass 2.48 (2.48.1) released
2021-05-07 14:34. Read More »

KeePass 2.47 released
2021-01-09 16:05. Read More »

KeePass 1.39 released
2021-01-02 13:30. Read More »

[News Archive]

Why KeePass?
Today, you have to remember many passwords. You need a password for a lot of websites, your e-mail account, your webserver, network logins, etc. The list is endless. Also, you should use a different password for each account, because if you would use only one password everywhere and someone gets this password, you would have a problem: the thief would have access to all of your accounts.

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can store all your passwords in one database, which is locked with a master key. So you only have to remember one single master key to unlock the whole database. Database files are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES-256, ChaCha20 and Twofish), Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. For more information, see the features page.

Is it really free?
Yes, KeePass is really free, Yellow Fungus Disease - Infection, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment more than that: it is revoice pro mac torrent Archives source (OSI certified). You can have a look at its full source code and check whether the security features are implemented correctly.

As a cryptography and computer security expert, I have never understood the current fuss about the open source software movement, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. In the cryptography world, we consider open source necessary for good security; we have for decades. Public security is always more secure than proprietary security. It's true for cryptographic algorithms, security protocols, and security source code. For us, open source isn't just a business model; it's smart engineering practice.
Bruce Schneier, Crypto-Gram 1999-09-15.

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Dashlane vs. LastPass: Is It Time to Switch Password Managers?

Dashlane and LastPass are the two most popular password managers, but there are some big differences between these two heavy-hitters Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives are best learned with a head-to-head comparison.

In this LastPass vs. Dashlane comparison, we compare the two popular password management giants in terms of design, encryption, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, platform, browser extension support, security, storage features, and Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Dashlane vs. LastPass: App Compatibility

DiskDigger Crack + License Key (2021) Download Compatibility is an essential aspect of any password manager. Depending on how you use your device, a password manager that provides access to your data across platforms will always have an edge.

Dashlane and LastPass offer desktop apps, support browser extension, and are available on mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

Dashlane, however, has decided to focus on web-first experience and will be ending support for its desktop app by the end of 2021. You're most likely to have only the LastPass support desktop app in the near future.

Dashlane extension is compatible with all these browsers as well. While there is no official support for the Opera browser, you can install the Chrome extension as a workaround, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Extension, Desktop, and Mobile App Performance

AVG Internet Security 2021 Serial Key With Crack Download Dashlane and LastPass have desktop apps for Mac and Windows, and the mobile app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Even though Dashlane will be ending support for its desktop app, it is still the superior of the two.

According to Dashlane, you can continue to use the desktop app, but it won't receive any performance or feature updates. Also, features like VPN, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives authentication, and emergency access are not available on the web app yet.

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives LastPass's desktop app is barebone with a few essentials on offer. However, it is the browser extension where you can see all its Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives and whistles.

The mobile app of both services is excellent. You can use autofill in apps on Android and iOS, split-screen features on compatible devices, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and almost everything else available on the web app, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Dashlane vs. LastPass: Features

When you set up these password managers, they prompt you to create a master password. This is your gateway to access stored data. So, instead of remembering details for hundreds of websites, you only need to keep your master password safe and, of course, remember it.

There are several things to look for in a password manager, and one of them is ease of use, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Both password managers get the basic features rights and offer one-click usability with the web app. All the actions are performed on the standalone web app that Hex Editor Neo Full Version opens when you choose to perform any action.

Dashlane extension opens in the vault tab right away, where all your saved credentials are stored. In addition, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, both the apps offer to auto-fill passwords and forms saved in the vault automatically.

Add Items/Vault

Add Items in Dashlane and LastPass allows you to store 18 types of information, such as passwords, secure note, address, payment card, bank account, driver's license, passport, and more. You can even attach documents. The free plan on LastPass only offers 50 MB storage, while the limit is 1 GB for Premium users.

It also includes the option for a digital wallet where you can store your credit/debit card details using Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Payment Cards tab.

Password Generator

To avoid password reuse, LastPass and Dashlane offer a one-click password generator. You can customize the password by adding or removing letters, digits, symbols, and similar characters.

With Dashlane, you can keep the length from four to 40 characters, while LastPass can generate a password with 99 characters, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Credit Report Monitoring (LastPass Only)

For US-based users, LastPass offers an advanced option called Credit Monitoring Profile. When enabled, it monitors the web and notifies the users of events to protect Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives from identity theft. There is also a premium version of this service Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives detailed reports, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, but that will cost $9.95/mo separately.

VPN (Dashlane Only)

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives With Dashlane's Premium account, you get access to advanced security tools and a decent unlimited VPN access. However, it's a basic VPN targeted at casual users who want to access region-restricted content or browse the web. It lacks advanced features, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and the server locations are limited as well.

It offers decent speed, microsoft windows 10 pro no bandwidth limitations, and can be used on all devices. That said, advanced users are better off with a dedicated VPN service.

Password Health and Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane's security tools consist of Password Health and Dark Web Monitoring tab. It analyzes your vault's data and scores them out of 100. Even if you have a strong but reused password, it will show up in the At-Risk Passwords section. Changing the password is easy as Dashlane guides you through the process.

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Web Monitoring is a premium feature that keeps a tab on leaked or stolen information associated with your monitored email. On Dashlane, you can add up to 5 emails for monitoring, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Related: What Is Dark Web Monitoring, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and Do You Need It?

LastPass also offers similar security tools under its Security Dashboard and uses a scoring system. It shows dark web monitoring status, at-risk passwords, and other information. Compared to Dashlane, here you can monitor up to 100 email addresses through dark web monitoring.

In my testing, the Dashlane's dark web monitoring found more instances of data breaches (7) than LastPass (1) for an email account, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Sharing Center and Emergency Access

Sharing Center is a handy feature for family users available on both password managers. You can share folders containing secure notes or passwords saved on your Dashlane or LastPass account with contacts with limited or full rights. People with full rights will have joint ownership of shared items.

Contacts added to Emergency Access (EA) can access your vault in case of emergencies, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. To prevent misuse, both the services require the contact to request EA from the vault owner. You can configure EA to give immediate access or set the wait time for up to 30 days.

Advanced Account Settings

The advanced account settings section of these password managers is where you will find the most contrast. Dashlane desktop app's advanced menu consists of the usual preference settings, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, privacy, and security options.

LastPass's account settings offer similar options and then some. You can turn off LastPass on specific sites in Never URLs; the Equivalent Domains tab adds domains that use the same login service. There are some pre-defined URLs of popular sites. You can also set URL rules for individual sites if you want.

Although the Dashlane web app now offers the Equivalent Domains option for individual sites you add, it's still pre-defined, leaving you with no option to manually add any Equivalent Domains yet.

Importing and Exporting

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Switching from Dashlane to LastPass or vice versa is easy enough.

On LastPass, you can Import and Export files in CSV format using the web app, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. LastPass supports import from a wide range of password managers, browsers, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives a custom CSV format.

On Dashlane, you can use the desktop app to import and export the secure and unsecured archives in JSON, Excel, and CSV format. It can import passwords from all the major browsers and Password Managers, including LastPass, 1Password, RoboForm, Password Waller, and a custom CSV file.


Dashlane and LastPass are very conservative when it comes to storage on free accounts.

While LastPass caps the user at 50 MB of encrypted file storage with unlimited passwords, Dashlane only offers 50 passwords per free account.

Premium users get unlimited passwords and 1 GB of encrypted file storage on both services. So if you have too many passwords to store and don't require additional encrypted file storage, free LastPass is an enticing option.

Dashlane vs LastPass: Security and Encryption

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives password managers store critical user information, robust security is the most important thing to consider. Fortunately, both Dashlane and LastPass are highly secure services.

Dashlane stores your sensitive data after encrypting it with the AES-256 cipher in combination with your master password. LastPass, on the other hand, uses AES-256 encryption with Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives PBKDF2 SHA-256 hash function.

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Neither service stores passwords or keys on their server in unencrypted form. Even if the data is leaked, without the master password, it is of no use. So data security is ensured either way.

Multifactor Authentication

You can add an extra layer of security to your LastPass account by activating the Multifactor Authentication option. Once Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, it changes your login process. On top of entering your master password, you need to verify your identity using an authenticator app Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives you selected during the setup.

Your Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives free plan comes with LastPass, Google, Microsoft Authenticator, Troopher, and DUO authentication options. By upgrading to Business and Premium you can choose from Salesforce and Yubico and fingerprint authentication, respectively, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Dashlane's multifactor authentication is a bit limited but works. Right now, it's only available on the desktop app, while the Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives app still has the feature Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives BETA. It supports Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, and Authy authenticator app.

Password Recovery

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives When it comes to account and password recovery, you have better chances of recovery with LastPass. You can recover or reset a forgotten password using the registered email address and other options.

However, with Dashlane, there are only two recovery options. You can ask your approved emergency contact to retrieve the data from your vault, or if you have set up biometric login on your smartphone, that should help you recover the account as well.

For example, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, my attempt at recovering my password without Biometric recovery enabled failed, meaning I'd lose all my saved data.

If none of these methods work, then you have to start from scratch with a reset.


Both services provide free plans and tiered payment systems.

Dashlane Plans

Dashlane offers Free, Essentials, Premium, and Family plans costing $0, $2.49, $3.99, and $5.99 per month, respectively. Apart from the limited password storage, the Free account covers the basics well.

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives addition, the Essentials plan includes features such as Secure Notes, Automatic Password Changer, and support for two devices compared to the Free plan. However, it misses out dark web monitoring, VPN, Encrypted File Storage, and unlimited device access features available for Premium and Family accounts.

LastPass Plans

LastPass seemingly has simplified its offerings better, with less confusion. There are three plans to choose from—Free, Premium, and Families priced at $0, $3, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and $4, respectively.

Unlike Dashlane, the free plan comes with unlimited passwords and 50 MB of encrypted file storage space. However, with a free account, you miss out on 1 GB of file storage, dark web monitoring, emergency access, advanced multifactor Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, security dashboard, and personal support. Plus they're limited to one device.

Dashlane vs. LastPass: Which Is the Best Password Manager For You?

Dashlane and LastPass offer identical key features and some unique additions. With Dashlane premium, you get access to a basic but unlimited VPN, while LastPass has credit card monitoring, although limited to US users.

Dashlane's 50 passwords limit on free accounts compared to unlimited passwords on LastPass can be a deal-breaker. If you don't fancy a built-in VPN, LastPass is a more affordable option with more advanced customizations such as better password recovery, URL management, and a well-built web and mobile app, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives.

Dashlane is an excellent password manager as well and the built-in VPN can make up for the premium over LastPass. It also offers a great desktop and mobile app and is affected by fewer controversies.

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives While you won't go wrong with either service, LastPass as a pure password manager should work for most people.

That said, go through each of these services' pros and cons and pay attention to the features Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives work for you to make an informed decision. Of course, these two are not the only digital password books available: you can find one for every occasion.

What Is the Best Password Manager for Your Device?

What is the best password manager app for your Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, smartphone, or tablet? Let's find out.

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Passwords are a great way to secure your accounts and sensitive information from getting into wrong hands. But this security measure is not easy to handle as you have to remember different passwords for different accounts, come up with complicated combinations and even change these from time to time.

Of course, you cannot just write all your passwords on sticky notes and paste it on your fridge (that would be disastrous). However, what you can do is use password managing and generating tools. And this is what this post is all about.

Here are 20 desktop tools to generate and manage passwords. From ‘one password for all accounts’ to generating hundreds of passwords in seconds, these tools offer a gamut of features to benefit from. Let’s check the full list below.

3 Essential Tips to Making a Secure, Easy-to-remember Password

3 Essential Tips to Making a Secure, Easy-to-remember Password

Passwords are a pain -- they have to be good, secure, not easy to crack, and at the. Read more

Password Managers



1Password can work on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. You can also access data online and sync it across devices. However, it is not free unlike above solutions, and you must opt for a premium plan. It does not have a two-factor authentication feature, unlike others, but you can choose for fingerprint method on Android and iOS devices.

One of my favorite features is its ‘Travel Mode’, which helps you to clear a device of sensitive data while traveling and get back all data when you are back. Moreover, its ‘1Password Watchtower’ gives you security updates about sites and services you use. Last but not the least, it also offers offline access and an option to restore deleted items.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows
  • Price: $2.99/year
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes

Zoho Vault

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives alt="Zoho Vault">

You can use Zoho Vault on desktops like Windows, macOS, and Linux and mobile devices like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, unlike others. It also has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, except Microsoft Edge.

What I find interesting about Zoho Vault is its offline access feature, which allows you to download an encrypted file and access the passwords locally without network connection.

Moreover, it comes with two-factor authentication to increase security, allows syncing across all your devices, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and generating and saving an unlimited number of passwords – all for free. You can also import passwords from other password managers but not from browsers.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes

Nowadays a common internet user has dozens of accounts on websites, apps, and services and there are often different passwords for different logins. To save time and energy that’s required in managing passwords manually, (trust me, it’s a big hassle) you can opt for password manager tools, and in the following you can read about some of the best ones in detail.



LastPass helps in getting rid of passwords once for all. If you have LastPass, then there is just one password you need to remember, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and that is of LastPass itself.

This app allows configuring multi-factor authentication as well as fingerprint authentication to step-up the security of your stored passwords. Interestingly, there is a password generator to create strong passwords and a sharing option to share passwords and notes securely with others. However, if you’re looking for more like advanced sharing, emergency access, admin dashboard, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, user management, etc., then you need to opt one of its premium plans.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Price: Free
  • Browser support: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes



Dashlane can be used on Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It can also be installed as a browser extension as well, but unlike LastPass, it does not support using multiple devices in its free plan. Using Dashlane, you can create and save passwords and save notes and other critical information securely.

Dashlane allows two-factor authentication which includes fingerprint Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives too. You can also share passwords and notes with anyone in a secure way, but this is a premium feature along with others like secure backups, Yubikey support, admin console, etc.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Browser support: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes



RoboForm can be used on Windows, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices and web browsers as well. It allows syncing of passwords across all of them, but only in its premium version, like Dashlane. This app, to my surprise, adapts to and works well with online services having two-page login forms like that of Google’s and Yahoo’s.

The app allows creating strong login passwords and secure sharing of passwords with others. Moreover, in its paid plans, it offers more features such as web access, multi-device sync, secure shared folder, digital inheritance of your passwords, two-factor authentication, group sharing, access permission, advanced reporting, and many more.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS
  • Price: Free
  • Browser support: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes

Sticky Password

Sticky Password

Sticky Password comes with multiple features of a handy password manager and allows using it on various devices like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. You can sync data across devices and back it up through its cloud but Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives in its premium plan, sadly.

What I found interesting is you can also sync passwords across devices through your local Wi-Fi – again, it is not available in its free plan. This app comes with two-factor authentication as well as Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives security option to protect your passwords. Moreover, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, these security features along with its handy password generator is available for all its users.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Browser support: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes



KeePass is a free alternative to most password managers on this list. It can be used on desktops running Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD. There is no official mobile app of KeePass, but there are some third-party, ported apps like ‘KeePassDroid’ for Android and ‘KeePass Touch’ for iOS. However, it does not have browser extensions, unlike others.

KeePass can import the login details from other password managers like Password Keeper. It can create and save passwords, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, handle application passwords, and work as a portable app as well. Also, it boasts of all-time data encryption – even in the memory. However, this app does not feature cloud services like sync and backup, unlike its above competitors.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Price: Free
  • Browser support: Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives App: No



LogMeOnce works on desktop and mobile systems like PC, Mac, and Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers. It offers a captivating feature called ‘Mugshot&rsquo. This feature tracks the failed logins and even captures a picture of the intruder along with his IP address. You can also report failed login attempts.

Another interesting feature is ‘PhotoLogin’ that captures the logging-in person’s photo and sends it to you to grant him the access. LogMeOnce allows you to create secure passwords for new logins and import passwords from other password managers. It also offers two-factor and fingerprint authentication along with support for secure sharing and more features.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows
  • Price: $2/user/month
  • Browser Extension: No
  • Mobile App: Yes

True Key

True Key

True Key by Intel Security can be used across a range of popular operating systems, namely Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It also provides browser extensions for popular browsers, but Apple Safari is not on this list, unfortunately. It offers cloud sync and other password management essentials, but its free plan allows storing 15 passwords only.

Moreover, True Key offers multi-factor authentication features including support for facial and fingerprint recognition. You can also save additional info securely such as credit card info, personal details, etc. It does offer a password generator like the rest of password managers on this list, and it also boasts of encrypting local password data on your device.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes



Enpass is a free multi-platform password manager for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, you can store just 20 passwords on its mobile app in the free edition. Enpass also works in all major browsers including Opera.

What I find extraordinary is you Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives optionally sync your passwords using third-party cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, and Google Drive – a feature missing in God of War 4 prodcut key Archives - PC Product key. It allows to import passwords from other password managers and features fingerprint authentication as well. Moreover, it also offers a password generator for creating hard-to-crack passwords.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes

Icecream Password Manager

Icecream Password Manager

Icecream Password Manager can be used on just Windows PC. It does offer browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives helps you save and fill passwords easily. It also allows storing critical information including bank account and credit card information.

Moreover, it automatically backs up the password data locally and optionally also allows to sync and store the data in Dropbox. Surprisingly, you can have multiple users using the same app with their login credentials. Lastly, it can also save and secure critical files like documents and Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives for safe-keeping them with encryption standard.

  • Platform(s): Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: No



SplashID can be used on a single device for free, but its paid version works on any number of platforms and devices like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. As you may expect from a minimalistic password manager, it lacks Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives and backup options too in its free edition. However, it offers all these in its pain edition, of course.

SplashID can sync data across all your devices using its cloud or your Wi-Fi network. You can also choose to store the password data locally and share secure records with others. However, it Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives not generate passwords, unlike its competitors.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: No
  • Mobile Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives Yes



Buttercup is a free and open-source cross-platform password manager. It works on desktop platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux as well as mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Though it is younger than above tools yet it provides all basic features and works on popular browsers too. It has a neat and clean interface with no fancy features.

Buttercup allows organizing the password data into groups for easy management and works almost out of the box on every platform. You can save the encrypted password archive on your computer locally or sync it to a cloud service like Dropbox. The latter option lets you sync it with other devices so that you can access your passwords everywhere.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes



Keeper can be used across platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and all popular browsers Sony vegas keygen,serial,crack,generator,unlock,key Microsoft Edge. Keeper can also store crucial files and documents Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives with passwords. It comes with two-factor authentication to beef up security and can sync across devices through its cloud service. However, like 1Password, Keeper does not have a free plan.

You can also add and secure info like that of bank accounts and cards with this tool. Surprisingly, it supports multi-factor authentication as well as public hardware-based keys like YubiKey for better security. You can do a lot more like share records with others, grant emergency access to others, import data from other tools, record activity history, generate secure adobe acrobat x pro, etc.

  • Platform(s): macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Price: $29.99/user/year
  • Browser Extension: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes



You can use mSecure on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. You can also store personal information as well as photo attachments into its vault and sync the data across all these devices. Moreover, you can also use fingerprint authentication on mobile devices. However, just like 1Password and Keeper, mSecure is not a free tool.

This tool features robust backup and restore feature which auto-backups your data and even allows you to manually do the same or restore data from a backup whenever needed, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Also, another exciting feature is its batch editing mode, which lets you edit multiple items in one go, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Moreover, you can also generate passwords and recover deleted items.

  • Platform(s): Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives, Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Browser Extension: No
  • Mobile App: Yes

Password Generators

Like managing passwords, generating strong password combinations isn’t a cool breeze either. Keeping your pet dog’s name or your date of birth as a password may be easy but it puts your data in potential threat of Nitro Pro license key Archives stolen (as such a passwords won’t be very hard to guess).

And so arises the need of a password generating tool. Take Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives look at the following list of password generators to know which one would suit you best.


An open-source password generator is definitely the most trustworthy option, and PWGen is one the most comprehensive open-source password generator tools. It uses cryptography to generate strong and secure passwords on the client side. You can customize password strength, generate multiple passwords, generate pronounceable passwords and much more.

Platform(s): Windows


IObit random password generator

An easy to use password generator by the popular PC software company IObit. Random Password Generator allows you to easily create up to 100 passwords with configurable settings. You can create strong passwords of up to 64 characters.

Platform(s): Windows


SecureSafe pro password generator

This offering by SecureSafe Pro is easy to use yet very functional, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. Apart from the usual customization options, it allows you to exclude dubious characters, add your own characters and create pronounceable passwords. There is also a built-in password strength checker to ensure your password is strong.

Platform(s): Windows

securesafe pro

Gaijin password generator

A highly customizable password generator, Gaijin Password Generator has two sections to create both simple and complex passwords. You can customize what characters should be added or omitted, and create templates for different uses. You can also use the built-in password strength checker to check your password strength (a reliable one Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives must say).

Platform(s): Windows, Mac, Linux

gaijin password gen

Secure password generator

If you are looking for a simple password generator tool that just works, then this one is for you. Secure Password Generator lets you customize password content and password length and then creates a single password for you. The password is strong and can be relied upon.

Platform(s): Windows

secure password gen

Awesome password generator

Awesome Password Generator has multiple sections to fulfill your password generation needs. You can create passwords for WiFi, regular strong passwords, phrase-based passwords, strong letters based passwords and passwords in bulk.

Platform(s): Windows

awesome password gen

PowerCryptor password generator

PowerCryptor is a really fast password generator tool that is easy to use and offers all the required options. You can customize the content of the passwords and also specify which letters or characters should be the part of the password. The tool is really fast at generating passwords, and I was able to generate over 10000 passwords with results shown in less than 1 second.

Platform(s): Windows

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives password gen">

WiFi password key generator

If you are looking to generate a strong password for your WiFi network, then this is the best tool. It gives you options to create ASCII and HEX keys for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 WiFi security methods, Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives. You can get up to 256-bit keys for WEP and 504 bit for WEP2 security.

Platform(s): Windows

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives width="800" height="450" alt="wifi password key gen">

Random password generator

This is actually a Windows gadget that works alongside other Windows gadgets to let you quickly generate passwords. In its tiny interface, it lets you configure password data and the exact length of the password. Definitely, a good solution if you need to generate passwords often.

Dashlane Premium PORTABLE Archives alt="random password gen">

SoftFuse password generator

Similar to other tools in this list, SoftFuse Password Generator also offers the options to customize your password. However, it goes one step further by giving you the ability to add or omit characters according to your need. You can customize letters, case, numbers and characters.

Platform(s): Windows

softuse password gen

Bonus: Generate Password Without Tools

Generate password in Linux

Most Linux distros have a built-in password generator to quickly generate random and strong passwords. Or you can quickly install a password generator app with a quick terminal command and start generating random passwords. Here is a good article on how to generate passwords on Linux.


Generate passwords in macOS

macOS also comes with a built-in password assistant that can generate random passwords based on different factors. Check out this Apple support page to learn how to use the Password Assistant.

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