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Advanced Installer 15.6 license key Archives

Advanced Installer 15.6 license key Archives

Zenbook is compact, thin and light, with the best innovative laptop technology, NanoEdge displays, precision craftsmanship, and uncompromising performance. EasyBuilder Pro Installation and Startup Guide. Login / Logout Automatically with USB Security Key. Settings of Multi-Language. Each installation goes to a sub-folder which has the version number as part of its name; for instance: C:\Program Files\Festo Software\Designer Studio

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Part 15 - Contracting by Negotiation

(a) Clarifications and award without discussions.

(1) Clarifications are limited exchanges, between the Government and offerors, that may occur when award without discussions is contemplated.

(2) If award will be made without conducting discussions, offerors may be given the opportunity to clarify certain aspects of proposals (e.g., the relevance of an offeror’s past performance information and adverse past performance information to which the offeror has not previously had an opportunity to respond) or to resolve minor or clerical errors.

(3) Award may be made without discussions if the solicitation states that the Government intends to evaluate proposals and make award without discussions. If the solicitation contains such a notice and the Government determines it is necessary to conduct discussions, the rationale for doing so shall be documented in the contract file (see the provision at ) (10 U.S.C(b)(4)(A)(ii) and 41 U.S.C. (a)(2)).

(b)Communications with offerors before establishment of the competitive range. Communications are exchanges, between the Government and offerors, after receipt of proposals, leading to establishment of the competitive range. If a competitive range is to be established, these communications-

(1) Shall be limited to the offerors described in paragraphs (b)(1)(i) and (b)(1)(ii) of this section and-

(i) Shall be held with offerors whose past performance information is the determining factor preventing them from being placed within the competitive range. Such communications shall address adverse past performance information to which an offeror has not had a prior opportunity to respond; and

(ii) May only be held with those offerors (other than offerors under paragraph (b)(1)(i) of this section) whose exclusion from, or inclusion in, the competitive range is uncertain;

(2) May be conducted to enhance Government understanding of proposals; allow reasonable interpretation of the proposal; or facilitate the Government’s evaluation process. Such communications shall not be used to cure proposal deficiencies or material omissions, materially alter the technical or cost elements of the proposal, and/or otherwise revise the proposal. Such communications may be considered in rating proposals for the purpose of establishing the competitive range;

(3) Are for the purpose of addressing issues that must be explored to determine whether a proposal should be placed in the competitive range. Such communications shall not provide an opportunity for the offeror to revise its proposal, but may address-

(i) Ambiguities in the proposal or other concerns (e.g., perceived deficiencies, weaknesses, errors, omissions, or mistakes (see )); and

(ii) Information relating to relevant past performance; and

(4) Shall address adverse past performance information to which the offeror has not previously had an opportunity to comment.

(c) Competitive range.

(1) Agencies shall evaluate all proposals in accordance with (a), and, if discussions are to be conducted, establish the competitive range. Based on the ratings of each proposal against all evaluation criteria, the contracting officer shall establish a competitive range comprised of all of the most highly rated proposals, unless the range is further reduced for purposes of efficiency pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) of this section.

(2) After evaluating all proposals in accordance with (a) and paragraph (c)(1) of this section, the contracting officer may determine that the number of most highly rated proposals that might otherwise be included in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted. Provided the solicitation notifies offerors that the competitive range can be limited for purposes of efficiency (see (f)(4)), the contracting officer may limit the number of proposals in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly rated proposals (10 U.S.C(b)(4) and 41 U.S.C).

(3) If the contracting officer, after complying with paragraph (d)(3) of this section, decides that an offeror’s proposal should no longer be included in the competitive range, the proposal shall be eliminated from consideration for award. Written notice of this decision shall be provided to unsuccessful offerors in accordance with

(4) Offerors excluded or otherwise eliminated from the competitive range may request a debriefing (see and ).

(d)Exchanges with offerors after establishment of the competitive range. Negotiations are exchanges, in either a competitive or sole source environment, between the Government and offerors, that are undertaken with the intent of allowing the offeror to revise its proposal. These negotiations may include bargaining. Bargaining includes persuasion, alteration of assumptions and positions, give-and-take, and may apply to price, schedule, technical requirements, type of contract, or other terms of a proposed contract. When negotiations are conducted in a competitive acquisition, they take place after establishment of the competitive range and are called discussions.

(1) Discussions are tailored to each offeror’s proposal, and must be conducted by the contracting officer with each offeror within the competitive range.

(2) The primary objective of discussions is to maximize the Government’s ability to obtain best value, based on the requirement and the evaluation factors set forth in the solicitation.

(3) At a minimum, the contracting officer must, subject to paragraphs (d)(5) and (e) of this section and (a), indicate to, or discuss with, each offeror still being considered for award, deficiencies, significant weaknesses, and adverse past performance information to which the offeror has not yet had an opportunity to respond. The contracting officer also is encouraged to discuss other aspects of the offeror’s proposal that could, in the opinion of the contracting officer, be altered or explained to enhance materially the proposal’s potential for award. However, the contracting officer is not required to discuss every area where the proposal could be improved. The scope and extent of discussions are a matter of contracting officer judgment.

(4) In discussing other aspects of the proposal, the Government may, in situations where the solicitation stated that evaluation credit would be given for technical solutions exceeding any mandatory minimums, negotiate with offerors for increased performance beyond any mandatory minimums, and the Government may suggest to offerors that have exceeded any mandatory minimums (in ways that are not integral to the design), that their proposals would be more competitive if the excesses were removed and the offered price decreased.

(5) If, after discussions have begun, an offeror originally in the competitive range is no longer considered to be among the most highly rated offerors being considered for award, that offeror may be eliminated from the competitive range whether or not all material aspects of the proposal have been discussed, or whether or not the offeror has been afforded an opportunity to submit a proposal revision (see (a) and (a)(1)).

(e)Limits on exchanges. Government personnel involved in the acquisition shall not engage in conduct that-

(1) Favors one offeror over another;

(2) Reveals an offeror’s technical solution, including unique technology, innovative and unique uses of commercial items, or any information that would compromise an offeror’s intellectual property to another offeror;

(3) Reveals an offeror’s price without that offeror’s permission. However, the contracting officer may inform an offeror that its price is considered by the Government to be too high, or too low, and reveal the results of the analysis supporting that conclusion. It is also permissible, at the Government’s discretion, to indicate to all offerors the cost or price that the Government’s price analysis, market research, and other reviews have identified as reasonable (41 U.S.C and );

(4) Reveals the names of individuals providing reference information about an offeror’s past performance; or

(5) Knowingly furnishes source selection information in violation of and 41 U.S.C and ).

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Edit and mix VR audio

Create immersive full-sphere surround sound mixes for virtual reality productions—from start to finish. Easily edit and mix audio in a 3D space with support for first-, second-, and third-order Ambisonics formats across your Pro Tools tracks and busses. Then output and deliver content to the required format for playback.

AVID S4Get the compact surface with world class mixing



Pro Tools is more than just software. It’s an ecosystem of tightly integrated software, hardware, and control surfaces that work together to accelerate your workflow.

Get hands-on control of your mix

Avid Dock control surface with transport controls, jog wheel, and fader integrated with the free Avid Control app on a tablet

Avid Dock

Avid Dock

Speed up editing and mixing tasks with a full transport, focus fader, jog wheel, and touch control in an ultra-portable surface. Working in concert with the free Avid Control app, Avid Dock provides the access and tactile precision you need to complete projects quickly.

Avid S1 8-fader slimline control surface integrated with the free Avid Control app on a tablet

Avid S1

Avid S1

Mix with the speed and visual feedback of Avid's high-end consoles in a slimline surface. Avid S1 works together with the free Avid Control app on your tablet, providing 8 faders and Avid S6-style metering and processing views to create great-sounding mixes fast.

Avid S3 fader compact control surface with built-in 4-input, 6-output audio interface

Avid S3

Avid S3

Get a streamlined yet versatile mixing system for music and audio post. Based on the award-winning Avid S6 control surface, Avid S3 delivers intelligent control over every aspect of Pro Tools and other DAWs, all in a more portable and affordable fader surface.

Avid S4 semi-modular control surface showing 16 faders and two Display Modules in a 3-foot base

Avid S4

Avid S4

Get world-class mixing for smaller studios for budget-conscious pros and smaller facilities. Avid S4 boosts your mixing efficiency with the same touchscreen and Dolby Atmos workflows in a semi-modular design that provides intelligent DAW control.

Flagship Avid S6 large-format, fully modular control surface showing a custom configuration with 48 faders, nine Knob Modules, and six Display Modules

Avid S6

Avid S6

Experience the most intuitive, immersive mixing workflows for modern sound engineers. Avid S6 provides superior ergonomics, intelligent studio control, and the most efficient Dolby Atmos workflows in a fully customizable surface, enabling you to create the best sounding mixes possible—faster.

Avid Control Free App 2


Get wireless control of your mix

Take control of Pro Tools and more with a free app for iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices. Record and mix faster and easier than working with a mouse and keyboard alone.

Discover Avid Control >

Server motherboards for demanding applications come in form factors: EEB/E-ATX/ATX/microATX/mini-ITX.
Innovation and performance are in these optimal rack servers to be deployed in data centers with demanding applications.
Scalable parallel computing GPU dense servers that are built for high performance.
Compute, Storage, and Networking are possible in high density, multi-node servers at lower TCO and greater efficiency.
Based on OCP Open Rack Standards, barebone racks and nodes for datacenters.
Tried and true x86 architecture based servers with support for the latest Intel and AMD processors.
Arm architecture servers will compete in Cloud to Edge as they tackle compute-bound workloads.
Processing power, large amounts of data, fast networking, and accelerators all bundle into a scale out ready HPC and/or AI server solution.
Systems that do visual applications from computer graphics to computer animation rely on visual computing servers.
Processing power, large amounts of data, fast networking, and accelerators all bundle into a scale out ready HPC and/or AI server solution.
Software defined cluster of nodes can be dedicated for compute, storage, networking, or virtualization.
Capacity, reliability, and storage flexibility are built into these storage servers for enterprise and datacenters.
Securely manage the use of files and applications for office environments while storing large amounts of data.
Real time data processing at the source is required for edge computing with reduced latency for Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks as they use cloud.
GIGABYTE provides new innovated 3D sensing product -Time of Flight (ToF) camera. ToF camera is a special purpose, low-cost smart solution with novel 3D imaging capture technology. The ToF camera includes high-performance advanced analytics as a standard feature, improving measurement accuracy and performance when compared to the current generation of RGB and stereoscopic cameras.
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Take your creativity and productivity to the next level with the groundbreaking ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo! Designed to give you the ultimate edge in workflow efficiency, this powerful RTX Studio Laptop features a full-width 4K ASUS ScreenPad Plus that works seamlessly with the main 4K UHD OLED display. It’s never been this easy to harness your full creative power.


Reflect your personalized style

The brand new Celestial Blue color draws its inspiration from the future, and gives ZenBook Pro Duo a sophisticated air of timeless innovation. As befits such a revolutionary concept, it’s also decorated with a unique asymmetric version of the iconic Zen-inspired spun-metal finish: an intriguing design detail that gives ZenBook Pro Duo a totally unmistakable identity. The edges are finished with wide, mirror-finished diamond-cut edges that reflect your surroundings to add a subtle touch of ambient style: in effect, you’re in charge of your laptop’s design.


Celestial Blue

futuristic sense


All aluminum

precision craftsmanship


Reflective edges

personalized style

ScreenPad Plus

Experience ultimate productivity

ASUS ScreenPad Plus gives you on-the-go computing like you’ve never experienced before. It’s a full-width 4K secondary touchscreen that works seamlessly with the main inch 4K UHD OLED touchscreen, giving you endless ways to optimize and personalize your workflow. A series of handy built-in apps help boost your productivity. Quick Key allows one-tap automation of complex keyboard sequences, and Handwriting lets you input text intuitively. There are also useful quick controls such as App Switcher, ViewMax and Task Swap for intuitive interactions between the main display and ScreenPad Plus. Task Group lets you lock into work mode by opening multiple tasks with a single touch. And now you can drag apps or in-app toolbars onto ScreenPad Plus to give you more room to work on the main display, wherever you are.

Learn more about ScreenPad™ Plus
  • App Switcher
  • Add
  • ViewMax
  • Organizer
  • Task Swap
  • Task Group
  • App Navigator
  • Handwriting

Drag an app onto the App Switcher icon to launch the app on ScreenPad an app window onto the add icon, or directly drag the app onto the ScreenPad Plus launcher for easy storycall.usze your viewing experience by dragging an app onto the ViewMax icon to view it on the main display and ScreenPad apps to ScreenPad Plus and let the Organizer function sort them into three the position of the open apps on the main display and ScreenPad Plus by tapping the Task Swap icon or pressing the Task Swap storycall.usize app groups and use the Task Group icon to open multiple apps with one tap. Tap the App Navigator icon to view all open apps on ScreenPad Handwriting you can take notes and record your thoughts or ideas the natural way.

ScreenPad Plus

Perfect for you

  • Photographer
  • Programmer
  • Video editor
  • Music artist
  • 3D animator
  • Game streamer
Put tools, references and source files on ScreenPad Plus for the ultimate editing interface.

* Software depicted is Corel® Painter

Enjoy an enlarged visual workspace for your code, previews and other programming through your video timeline on ScreenPad Plus, with plenty of extra room for your pro tools.

* Software depicted is Corel® VideoStudio

Record, mix and master on ScreenPad Plus, with more space for track your scripts on ScreenPad Plus while enjoying smooth 3D rendering on the main your live-streaming windows onto ScreenPad Plus without interrupting the main game display.

ScreenPad Plus

Perfect ergonomics, for stylus or keyboard

With ZenBook Pro Duo and the bundled stylus — or your favorite active stylus — you can really let your creativity flow. Both multitouch displays support stylus input, but ScreenPad Plus gives you a superbly ergonomic and stable platform for writing or drawing. Take notes, sketch out your ideas, or do precision graphical editing in the most intuitive way ever. There’s also a separate palm rest in the box, which enhances the ErgoLift tilting keyboard design to give you the most comfortable typing experience ever.

ScreenPad Plus

Endless possibilities

ScreenPad Plus gives you effortless app multitasking, so ASUS works closely with third-party developers — including professional video-editing software developer Corel®, with more to come — to optimize ScreenPad Plus for the ultimate productivity. ScreenPad Plus is your gateway to endless possibilities.


Unrivaled portable power

ZenBook Pro Duo is powered by up to a 10th Generation Intel® Core i9 eight-core processor, the latest professional-grade NVIDIA® GeForce RTX graphics and blisteringly fast storage. This ultrapowerful combination ensures that ZenBook Pro Duo takes professional-quality tasks in its stride, such as multi-layer photo or video editing, 3D graphics rendering or even game live-streaming.


Windows 10 Pro


Up to


10th Gen Intel® 8-core processor



pro-grade graphics

Up to


PCIe® x4 SSD


Ultrapowerful computing

ZenBook Pro Duo is incredibly powerful, featuring up to a 10th Generation Intel® Core i9 eight-core processor that’s designed to deliver the ultimate multitasking performance. With its unprecedented GHz Turbo Boost frequency, ZenBook Pro Duo can effortlessly handle all the apps on your main screen and ScreenPad Plus, for the most fluid cross-screen workflow ever.



Turbo Boost frequency


Professional-grade graphics

For the very best graphics experience, ZenBook Pro Duo uses the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX discrete graphics powered by the NVIDIA Turing architecture. The ultrapowerful GPU with the NVIDIA Studio Driver enables you to enjoy the power of real-time ray-tracing and high-resolution video editing for the ultimate visual realism. Advanced RTX features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing ensures stunning visuals, while exclusive AI assistance reduces repetitive tasks for faster content creation. With ZenBook Pro Duo, your creativity will know no bounds.



VRAM in GeForce RTX


4K UHD OLED, ultraslim bezels

The 4K UHD NanoEdge OLED HDR display2 on ZenBook Pro Duo is truly amazing, with a four-sided frameless design featuring ultraslim bezels. The brilliant OLED touchscreen delivers ultra-vivid colors and deep blacks, with a cinema-grade % DCI-P3 color gamut making it a superb all-rounder for professional work and entertainment. The barely-there bezels increase the screen-to-body ratio to a near-borderless 89%, giving you more screen, and less distraction!



4K UHD main display



4K ScreenPad Plus



screen-to-body ratio


Extraordinary color

To display the most accurate, most vivid, and most realistic colors possible, ZenBook Pro Duo’s display has PANTONE® Validated color accuracy and supports an exceptionally wide % DCI-P3 color gamut. The DCI-P3 color space — widely used in the motion picture industry — is increasingly the preferred choice of creative professionals for its increased range of possible colors, and makes images on ZenBook Pro Duo look simply stunning.


Delta-E < 2

color accuracy3




LCD Panel


Ultimate numeric keypad solution

ZenBook Pro Duo features the latest version of the ASUS NumberPad4, an LED-illuminated numeric keypad integrated into the touchpad. Tap on the top-right NumberPad icon for one second to switch the function on and off, and tap on the top-left icon to choose one of two brightness levels. Even when the NumberPad is activated, the touchpad can be used for cursor control thanks to its intelligent software.

IR camera

Hands-free login with face unlock

Enjoy hands-free login on your laptop, using the infrared camera with Windows Hello to login with just a glance — even in the dark!


Ultrafast connectivity

ZenBook Pro Duo is built for creative professionals, so there’s no compromise on connectivity. A full set of high-performance I/O ports — including the latest Thunderbolt 3 USB-C® port — give you dongle-free connectivity whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. The latest Intel WiFi 6 with Gig+ (ax) takes wireless speeds to the next level, for supersmooth connections to the world.

Up to


Thunderbolt 3 data transfers1

Thunderbolt 3 USB-C®Audio JackUSB Gen 2DC-inHDMIUSB Gen 2

Far field Cortana and Alexa

Alexa built-in with light bar

Alexa5 makes it easy to voice control your day. At home or on the go you can ask Alexa to play music, read the news, answer questions and more. Your ZenBook Pro Duo has a dedicated light bar that illuminate when you speak to Alexa. Just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.


Alexa, turn on the lights.



Audio tuned by Harman Kardon

The ASUS Golden Ear team worked with renowned home and automotive audio experts Harman Kardon to ensure the best audio experience. A tailored mix of superior hardware — including smart amplifier technology that delivers louder sound with no distortion — and finely tuned software gives you sound like no other laptop.

ASUS Laptop quality test

Military-grade toughness and build quality

ZenBook Pro Duo meets the ultra-demanding MIL-STD G military standard for reliability and durability, undergoing a punishing test regime that includes extended tests for operation in harsh environments including extreme altitudes, temperatures and humidity. It has also passed ASUS internal laptop tests that far exceed the standards set by the industry.

Learn more about ASUS Laptop Quality Tests


split resistant test


high temperature test


low temperature test

Game-changing performance

Intel® Optane memory H10 with Solid State Storage takes advantage of Intel® 3D NAND technology to give you X faster read speeds compared to NAND SSDs, even with multiple apps running in the background. The drive remembers the most frequently accessed files and apps, and caches them for more responsive performance so you won’t have to wait for your laptop to catch up, no matter the workload.

Read Speed



faster than PCIe x21



faster than SATA3 SSD1

Write Speed



faster than PCIe x21



faster than SATA3 SSD1

Eight cores for pro

The latest Intel® Core iHK processor harnesses the awesome power of eight separate cores, and has a Turbo Boost frequency of up to GHz that outclasses most of the competition. That’s why ZenBook Pro Duo is one of the most powerful laptops for discerning on-the-go professionals.

Turbo Fan boost

ZenBook Pro Duo incorporates the innovative ErgoLift hinge, which not only improves typing ergonomics but also improves airflow for better thermal performance. And to further ensure silky-smooth operation and maximum performance are available at all times, there’s a dedicated Turbo Fan button to boost cooling at any time. Just press the Turbo Fan button before you launch your most demanding tasks, then lose yourself in your creative workflows without having to worry. The special cooling fins will efficiently disperse all the heat generated, so you can simply concentrate on the task at hand.


Turbo Fan

dedicated button


Cooling fins

for improved airflow

Lightning-fast Thunderbolt 3

The USB-C port on ZenBook Pro Duo features the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology, which is twice as fast as Thunderbolt 2 and 8x faster than USB Gen 1. Plug in a 4K UHD external display to enhance your productivity, or even connect to an external graphics dock — such as the ASUS XG Station Pro — to upgrade to future GPUs for the latest games and virtual reality (VR) applications.

Up to


Thunderbolt 3 data transfers1



supports external GPUs



external display

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Play and tweak sounds with UVI Workstation

UVI Workstation 3 is included for free, providing a powerful sample player and multitimbral instrument to create unique sounds. Play audio content, layer and manipulate parts, and employ an army of effects that’ll make your projects stand out.

Get the details

Create and manipulate sounds with ease

  • Get started fast with the included Plugsound Avid Edition, a high-quality collection of versatile sounds that can be layered and tweaked
  • Freely shape and mangle sounds with a full suite of effects, including dynamics, delays, distortions, EQs, filters, and reverbs
  • Work with a variety of loops, samples, audio files, and UVI instruments, including Soundbanks (.ufs), AIFF, FLAC, MP3, MP4, REX1, REX2, SDII, WAV, SND, and CAF
  • Create classic arpeggiated parts with the Advanced Arpeggiator
  • Explore a world of sound with a wide variety of UVI instruments and sounds available from Avid

Start creating now

UVI Falcon 2 and Plugsound Avid Edition are included with Pro Tools and Pro Tools

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Advanced Installer 15.6 license key Archives

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