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    How to Use Markers in Video Recording and Editing?

    The production of visually impressive videos, you'll be proud to share on your YouTube channel or any other video sharing web-based platform, often means that you'll have to create a lot of footage, although most of it will not make the final cut. Organizing footage and knowing exactly where a certain shot is in that sea of unsorted material will increase your efficiency during the post-production period, thus enabling you to shorten the amount of time you have to spend editing it.

    Markers can be used either while you are recording or during the post-production, to help you mark the places in the footage where you've made a mistake, where the new take starts or to indicate a spot on the timeline where you would like to place a particular video clip. In this article, we are going to show you how to utilize markers during the screen capturing sessions or while you're editing videos with Filmora Scrn.

    Filmora logofilmora product interface

    The All-in-One Screen Recorder & Video Editor

    • Record desktop screen, voiceover, and webcam simultaneously
    • Edit recorded clips quickly with a wide range of professional tools
    • Built-in plentiful templates and effects
    • Export to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF and multiple formats

    Distinctions Between the Two Types of Markers

    Watching the footage you've captured over and over can be a tiresome process that consumes both time and energy, so in order to increase your efficiency during the process of capturing and editing videos, you can simply add markers both to the files you're creating while recording or to your project's timeline.

    The media markers are the markers you can add directly to the video file you are creating with Filmora Scrn during the screen recording session. You won't be able to see these markers until the video clip is imported into the software's video editor and placed on the timeline.

    You can use them to mark a place in the screen recording you're not too happy with, or to highlight the part of the video clip that you intend on featuring in the final cut of the video you've created with Wondershare's screen capturing and video editing software. By doing so you'll save time on going through all the material just to find a few seconds of footage that fit perfectly to your video.

    Filmora Scrn Markers

    The timeline markers, on the other hand, can only be added to a project once you've completed the recording session, during the post-production period. You can utilize them to highlight the parts of the video clip you want to remove from the final version of your video or to mark the spots on the timeline where you'd like to switch from one take to another.

    This type of marker is immensely useful if you want to organize the timeline in your project better and to know exactly where every clip you want to use in your video is located at all times. Besides being a highly efficient tool for organizing vast amounts of footage, timeline markers can also help you denote the beats in the audio file and then sync the video clip perfectly to the beat of the tune you're using as a soundtrack to your video.

    How to add Markers in Filmora Scrn with Just One Click?

    Adding a media or a timeline marker in Filmora Scrn doesn't really require you to invest any effort at all, but you need to know exactly where you want to place markers because otherwise adding them is completely purposeless. These are the steps you'll need to take in order to successfully add markers to the files you've captured with Filmora Scrn or to your project's timeline.

    Adding Markers While Recording

    Before you start a new screen recording session, you'll need to make sure that the portion of the screen you want to capture is properly selected, or that the frame rate is adjusted so it meets the demands of the video you're capturing.

    After fine-tuning all the settings, you just need to hit the Record button and perform the desktop actions you wanted to capture. However, if you make a mistake while the session is in progress, you can click on the M icon that is located next to the timer on the Recorder Widget.

    Filmora Scrn Markers

    Any movement of the cursor will be captured if you are recording the full screen, or if the Recorder Widget is located in the part of the screen you are capturing, so in order to avoid distracting the viewers of your video, you can use the F8 hotkey, that will add a Media marker to your video, without interrupting the recording session.

    As we already mentioned you will not be able to see the Media markers you add to the video clip while you're recording, but the file you've created will be imported into the Filmora Scrn's video editor right after you stop capturing the screen. However, you'll only be able to remove the markers in the software's video editor, but changing their colors is still not an option.

    Adding Markers During the Post-Production Phase

    Once you've placed the video clip you'd like to edit on the Filmora Scrn's timeline, you can add timeline markers in several different ways. You can either click on the M icon, located on the editor's toolbar directly above the timeline, or you can simply right-click on the clip and select the Add Marker option from the menu.

    Filmora Scrn Markers

    Pressing the M key on your keyboard will also add a marker to your video clip, but regardless of the method you use to add a timeline marker to your project, you'll have to make sure that the playhead is placed at the same spot to which you want to add a marker to.

    Filmora Scrn enables you to change the color of each Timeline marker you add, and it lets you choose one out of seven available colors. This feature is particularly effective when combined with the Select the Same Color Group option that can be accessed by right-clicking on a particular video clip because it allows you to sort large amounts of video clips by color. In this manner, Wondershare's Filmora Scrn helps its users to speed up the post-production process and to organize their timelines better.

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    Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.

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    KANEBO Eye Color Duos

    Japanese luxury line Kanebo has revamped their entire makeup line this year, and did a complete from conservative &#;OL&#; (office lady) aesthetic to something completely fresh and vibrant.

    Besides including funky mixers and pop shades in their buttery N-rouge lipstick line to let you tweak and create completely unique shades yourself, they&#;ve also added interesting multipurpose creams called Drawing Dual Rouges and Drawing Dual Pens that promise to be usable on eyes, cheeks, lips, anywhere you like. Even the eye palette is a small custom compact into which you can slot up to 3 mini duos. We are basically free to experiment with colors and textures and it's all done with maximum portability, minimum weight and fuss.

    Considering lipsticks cost about S$60 a pop and the tiny eyeshadow duos are S$35 in Singapore, it&#;s not easy to explore the line if you&#;re shopping online during the current pandemic, so here are all the color products (aside from the 3 basic monotone Drawing Pencils) swatched for your reference!

    Drawing Dual Pens and Rouges can be used as shadows, highlights, blush.

    Having road-tested the Drawing Dual Pens several times, I have to say I like the idea behind a duotone stick that you can use as shadow, liner, highlighter, lip highlight, or even concealer (02). However, the fact that the formula is relatively sheer and stays creamy makes it problematic if you like a strong defined eye look, or have oily lids. These do not set on their own, and WILL crease if not powdered down.
    The creaminess and soft color of Drawing Dual Rouges on the other hand, allow them to work quite nicely as cream blushes, although I don't % see the point of them being duotone as the color-contrast between the paired shades is not huge, and it's also hard to find many who would like a yellow ombre lip or liner (shade 51) in daily life. Basically you need to like these with the duotones mixed, is what I'm saying.

    Kanebo N-Rouge

    As for the lipsticks, they are stellar if you like a traditional satin lipstick. The formula is buttery smooth, and while not every shade is fully opaque (upwardly-mobile polite Japanese society does like their soft, subtle, translucent tones after all), this makes a lot of the mixer shades easier to blend, mix and layer with others.

    I have a soft spot for all the solid creme colors, and I do like the translucent metallic toppers, although I have to admit a slight disappointment when I realized the bronze and aqua shades swatched quite sheer. Maybe it's just the sense that they were not QUITE as subversive as they initially looked. Then again, I appreciate that these remain wearable and "layerable", while opaque versions of such colors would be much harder to work with for beginners.

    Kanebo N-Rouge swatches

    Some thought did go into the funkier shades, I feel. While part of me felt like "ah they were not THAT daring after all", colors like Sumire Vivid, and Pop Pink, do look much more flattering with a slight translucency. There is, after all, not much value in being intense and opaque just for the sake of shock value, if the product does not look good on anyone.

    Kanebo Eye Color Duo swatches

    Personally, the Eye Color Duos were an instant fave of mine, and I was having fine configuring different groups of shades in the little compact. I've also heavily used several of the duos since I received the press kit, and genuinely like the silky buildable colors which are more pigmented than I'm used to mainstream Japanese shadows being, and then blend together effortlessly.

    They have some really amazing combos.

    • 01 Garden Picnic, is a perfect socket/transition duo
    • 02 Beach Parasol, is slightly more avant garde and daring
    • 03 Party Heart, is surprisingly flattering with some pink blush and a soft lip
    • 12 Daydream Shine is a champagne and baby pink duo that works as cheek highlight
    • 08 Elegant Irony pairs a ladylike lavender with a more neutral plum brown, as an alternative to boring neutrals

    Couple of cons?


    At S$35 per duo, a set of three plus the compact will set you back $ That's for a small amount of product. I also hesitate to recommend just buying the duos and not getting the compact, cos these are small and come in cardboard (plastic lined) disposable packaging which is easily damaged or lost. So it is quite an investment. That said, I do like the tiny sizes as someone who is intensely fickle and never sticks to the same colors for a long time. It's not good value if you buy huge shadow pans or palettes and then only use 20% of them.

    Lack of mattes. 

    This is not a new problem but it still bugs me slightly. 01 Garden Picnic and 05 Cashmere Temptation are as close to a semi-matte satin finish as I could find. Everything else is loaded with pearl and sparkles, and the collection is lacking in truly deep, neutral shades. Things I consider to be especially important for shaping and enhancing smaller, flatter Asian eyes.

    Anyway, those are just some thoughts on the new Kanebo point makeup range. Price point aside, I do love the new direction they've taken, and for the most part they've tried to maintain balance between high-fashion edgy colors, general ease of use, and quality of formulation. 

    I have not checked out any of the range's new skin/base products, which is usually where Japanese brands are typically strong in. If you have any thoughts on the new line, do share what you think in the comments below!

    KANEBO is available in Singapore at Takashimaya S.C., OG Albert, as well as via their flagship online store at storycall.us

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