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DraftSight Free For Patch Archives

DraftSight Free For Patch Archives

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DraftSight Free For Patch Archives - can

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How to Fix SOLIDWORKS Microsoft Security Patch KB Issues

Recently, we have found many issues inside of SOLIDWORKS due to the recent Microsoft security updates that have been released in preparation for Windows We have found this&#;patch in particular, has been causing many issues inside of SOLIDWORKS. KB



Any machine that has been installed or modified (service pack applied) with this security patch in place has a high probability of running into issues inside of SOLIDWORKS. If the patch was applied after an install or upgrade you are likely not affected.

Here are some (but not all) of the common issues we are seeing.

  • After my installation or upgrade of SOLIDWORKS®, why are many SOLIDWORKS add-ins missing from my add-ins list?
  • When launching SOLIDWORKS® or opening a file, why does SOLIDWORKS return "Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL:"?
  • Why is "Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: sldshellutils" error returned when selecting "Pack and Go…" from SOLIDWORKS® or SOLIDWORKS® Explorer?
  • Why does SOLIDWORKS crash when launching with a SWVBAServer error or when recording, playing, or editing a SOLIDWORKS® Macro?
  • Why is "DWG document manager library is invalid or missing" error seen launching SOLIDWORKS® or SOLIDWORKS® Explorer?
  • What can cause the error "Failed to create ToolboxLibrary object", followed by "SOLIDWORKS database is missing" while accessing SOLIDWORKS® Toolbox add-in?
  • Why does SOLIDWORKS® Treehouse crash when launching?


This is an issue due to a Microsoft security patch (KB) that went out on July I have attached 2 registry files that will allow you to disable and re-enable this patch. See links below.


Start by running the following registry

Download&#;and run&#;the "Run before install" registry key


Repair your SOLIDWORKS installation

To run a repair:

Place you dvd in you drive first.

1. Go to Start

2. Go to Control Panel

3. Go to Programs and features

4. Select your SOLIDWORKS from the list.

5. Select Change

6. You will then see the installation manager come up and there is an option to run a repair.


To repair an admin Image:


Once repair is complete:

Download and run the "Run after install" registry.


This solution should resolve most of these issue with installation.&#;&#; If you are still experiencing issues please contact CATI Technical Support for additional assistance.


Bryan Pawlak
Computer Aided Technology

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Ubuntu LTS will be released on April 26 with some important and useful features like multiarch-support. However some 32bit packages still have installation problems on 64bit systems because they don't follow the new specifications. One of the packages that need some tricks in order to install it on a 64 bit Ubuntu system is the current V1R of DraftSight.
Normally I wouldn't provide any workarounds for beta or experimental versions of Ubuntu or any other distro  for one simple reason: If a distro is under active development many things will be changed until the final release.
But thanks to Normand who informed me in this postthat some users are already trying to install DraftSight on Ubuntu LTS and considering that the development status is nearly at the end, I will make an exception.
So here are the instructions, don't be afraid of the number of steps, it's  really a very easy process.
Important Update (January 21 ): DraftSight with version V1R5 changed the list of its dependencies so this workaround cannot be used "as is". However it continues to be useful because you have to follow the same process in order to install DraftSight successfully on your 64 bit Ubuntu and newer system. The only change is that on Step 5 you have to remove xdg-utils from the list of dependencies.
Step 1:
Download Draftsight and make a copy of in your Home folder. A copy is needed because you will make some changes in the .deb file so keep the original file as a backup. Just a right click on and select copy to Home folder and you're ready.
Step 2:
Open a terminal simply by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type:

ar x

This command extracts the compressed archive from the .deb file. Keep the terminal open you will use it for one more time.

Step 3:

Extract the compressed archive to your home folder. From Nautilus right click on it and select "Extract here". You will see a folder named "control"  inside your Home folder.

Step 4:

Open the control folder and then the control file inside it with gedit (Text Editor).

Step 5:

Now you must be careful! You have to delete from the list of dependencies libdirectfb-extra. Simply select with the mouse: "libdirectfb-extra (>=)" the space before it and the comma after it in order to keep the correct syntax (see the screenshot below). Save the file and close gedit.

Step 6: 

From Nautilus select all the contents of the control folder ( Simply press Ctrl+A), right click on one of the selected items and select "Compress".

Step 7:

In the dialog box that opens select as "Location" your Home folder.

Step 8:

You will see a warning that a file with the same name already exists. Select to overwrite it.

Step 9:

Go back to your open terminal and type:

ar r

This command will put back the modified compressed archive into your file


Right click on your modified file and select "Open with Gdebi Package Installer". If you don't have gdebi already installed, install it because DraftSight's installation is successful only with gdebi.(or via terminal with dpkg but this is more complicated for new users :-) )


Install DraftSight. Normally you will not take any error messages.


DraftSight still needs some extra software in order to run. So install with Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic ialibs  and libdirectfb-extra.

Enjoy DraftSight on Ubuntu LTS 64bit!

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DraftSight Free For Patch Archives

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